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It seems quite reasonable that the weakened memory should more readily evoke the recollection of those vocables of which the number is fewer and the use less variable (as articles, pronouns, prepositions, etc.), than that it should not among the multitude, hit upon the symbol appropriate to the designation of a given object or a determinate action." We are all well aware of the fact that certain persons are possessed of special forms of memory, one for names of places or persons, another for dates, a third for poetical compositions, etc., etc., and these peculiar, or 36 as we might say, automatic faculties, seem by no mekns to be necessarily conjoined with superior intellectual strength, for we meet with them sometimes in imbeciles, or even the semi-idiotic. Hence the'bronchus,' and (pwvrj,'the voice;' 3690 (P.) Voij; function proper to animals, the object of which in contact with atmospheric air, in order thsit it may acquire the vivifying qualities that belong to arterial blood.