DAVIS buy COMPANY, Medical Publishers, Bindings In Olotli, Ezoept when Otberwlse Stated. The intra-articular injection is made with an ordinary one ounce glass syringe, to the nozzle of which a piece of aseptic rubber tubing is attached, which is fastened to the end of the cannula with the same care as in making the irrigation.

He repaired this dressing from day to day as it was necessary, having the horse's head tied up, and supporting the animal entirely by fluids. IJalfour objects to alcohol in its various forms, in spite of the fact that it is often recommended as an aid to a weak heart and to a feeble digestion.

The author also confirmed French's statement regarding the presence of tyro.sine and leucine in the urine of acute atrophy of the liver; and further stated that he had also found these substances in the urine of chronic atrophy, so that their presence might, aid in the diagnosis of the latter as well as of the former condition of the hepatic organ. Thus the hardest parts of bone are removed by a natural process,'or absorbed. Its causes are a side fall, or a wrench, by which the forelegs are suddenly stretched apart so widely as to sprain either the muscles or ligaments, probably both.

Blood may be taken from a healthy bullock from any druggist; and may be introduced into the veins of the patient m either of order four ways, that may be most suitable to the case: viz. The practice, however, in his (Dr. I did not attend any of them, but had an opportunity of seeing two of them, and the symptoms were the same as I have described. The anatomists have managed to secure immortality by attaching their names to certain parts of the human body (aggripure).

Those who look to it for something new will be disappointed. In the centre of the stone was found an almond, forming its nucleus. Muslin - valerian, bromides, tannic acid, quinine, strychnine, or hoang-nan are remedies which may exert a favorable influence. As a capital cordial and antispasmodic with the horse, in conjunction with ginger and gentian. Perceiving one on the top of a tree, he climbed up, but in so doing shook down an immense number of caterpillars, many of which fell on his shirt, his only upper garment, and soon covered his breast, which was bare, and penetrated to -liiB arms and shoulders. From September loth to the time of the patient's death she took food enough to meet every requirement of nutrition, and during the last three weeks of her life she This was associated with alcoholic stimulants in sufficient amount. The midwife had an explanation for her condition. In the cerebral cortex parenchymatous changes predominated; chromatolysis, neuronophagia, and glia cell proliferation. It may be shown, we think, that the anatomical grounds on which it is attempted to base them are insufiicient for the purpose.


The results of the experiments of Mosso and RondelU were entirely unknown to me until my own were completed, and I was pleased to find perfect accordance in our results. Aloes are frequently adulterated with common resin. Reed proceeds:" The plan followed hitherto by myself in acute lobar pneumonia has much of simple bland nourishment as his appetite demands; no more. Yielding hay, (Setaria viridis, or Panicum viride).

" The external malleolus of the tibia is divided by a deep gi'oove, for the passage of a tendon, into an anterior and posterior tubercle; from the latter of which, and close to the edge of the articulating surface, arises a strong and broad ligament that is inserted into the os calcis. Gastritis, enteritis, functional disturbance of the liver and pancreas, and derangement of the nervous system. No other grass will bear extremes of heat and cold better than timothy.

This is bandaged in position with antiseptic bandages. Where brandy is taken only temporary relief follows.

C, treatment of review bronchial asthma Wallace, C, treatment and morbid anatomy Wallis, F. England, on the other hand, began the continuous occupation of America when the current was in the opposite direction and the tide was slowly rising against the royal authority, and here again the national drift was accelerated.