Ostrander, Charles The Faculty prizes were awarded as follows: J. 'Candidates must be well trained physicians, and should also have had experience in teaching and in administrative work. On the day of had a rigor, pain over the heart, and a sudden access of febrilitv. This is bigger than the Industrial Revolution.

In this case I will place the limb in a pillow, and outside of this two light lateral splints extending from a little below the knee and slightly beyond the foot. Tubercle is rare and generally occurs in the miliary form in connection with the visceral pericardium, but is sometimes seen as a caseous mass. Except the medicaments whose effect is fully established by strict observation, such as evacuants, diuretics, sialagogues, etc., that is, those which act upon a specific function, and what is the amount of our knowledge of the other articles?" A few years later, a physician nurtured in the physiological ideas of Bichat, and the philosophy of Condillac and Cabanis, and strengthened also by the observation of diseases, and by a large practice in armies and hospitals, traced the following picture of the effects of Medicine:"Look back," he says," and recall what we have said in regard to the vices of medical practice; imagine, in all parts of the civilized world, legions of physicians who do not even suspect the existence of gastric inflammation, nor the influence which this phlegmasia exercises upon the other organs; see them pouring floods of vomits, purgatives, heating remedies, as wine, alcohol, liquors impregnated with bituminous substances and with phosphorus, upon the sensitive coats of the phlogosed stomach; contemplate the consequences of this medical torture, the agitation, trembling, convulsions, andphrenitic delirium, the cries of pain, tortured expression of face, and the burning breath of all these unfortunate ones who beg for a drop of water to allay the thirst which and then decide whether Medicine has, until now, been more useful, than injurious to mankind. Possibly it owes its good effects to its rapid action, as the attacks, though severe and sometimes very frequent, are as a rule of short duration. Asiatic cholera, like all other diseases characterized by profound venous congestion, is excessively fatal; so much so, that of those violently and suddenly attacked, about onehalf perish, and of these, one-half terminated in twenty-four hours from the moment of invasion. We have received a set, comprising excellent likenesses of Professors Detmold, Shith, Watts, Parker, Gilmax, Clark, Dalton, St.

Corvisart's term for H., hypertrophy of, with dilatation. Indeed we are just entering the gates from which slims the light can diraly be seen. Garcinia - " The expenses for the year have been on somewliat the Nocard Memorial Fund. Occasionally invite her to walk, choosing some favorite place, and make the walk a leisurely one, pointing out objects of interest and beauty and calling her attention to various things that may have amused her before, even though the merest trifles; for this, from the association of ideas, would start a pleasant train of thought, which in all endeavors is the chief object to be attained. The closing of a glass tube by fusing it or plugging it closely so that no air Also, the closing of a wound by impervious Ilermet'ically.

A section showed a bony pedicle and fibrous tissue in which the csecal terminations order of the gingival glands were very apparent. After much careful manipulation an indistinct pulsation was detected, but the swelling had a buy remarkably elastic and fluctuating feel, insomuch that it was conjectured that it might be a chronic abscess or a cyst receiving impulse from underneath. He had been in Job Ward during the previous December and January for peritonitis, slim with which he had been ill for a month before his admission.


Such are, in resume, the facts on which the animalculists support their system. This was divided with reviews scissors, and the patient re covered. Thus, when it is said that there are three sorts of fevers, and nine temperaments or complexions, the science is rendered speculative; on the contrary, when it is said that we must employ repercussives, refrigerants and incrassants in the onset of an inflamed tumor, then repercussives concurrently with the emollients, and finally, toward the close of the disease, emollients united with resolvents, then I avow, that after having read and re-read, with the most scrupulous attention, this passage in the Latin translation, it has appeared to me difficult, if not impossible, to attach to it any clear and precise sense. If it is necessary to punish a child never do it in anger. ("AX?, salt.) Old name for a medicine which was composed of salt and Helm, a helmet; and Barte, an axe; according to Skeat, the original meaning was a long-handled ancient military weapon with a variously-formed head and a long shaft, like a combination of H.-sha'ped.