Club - "The Mathey-Caylus Capsules, of the Essence of"Santal, associated with the Balsams, possess an incontesta"ble efficaciousness, and are employed with the greatest"success for the rapid cure of old or recent Discharges," GonorrJwea, Blenorrhoea, Leucorrhcea, Cystitis of the Neck," Urethritis, Catarrh, and other diseases of the bladder, together" with all affections of the Urinary Passages."""Thanks to their thin envelope of Gluten, which is essen" tially assimilable, the Mathey-Caylus Capmles are digested" by the most delicate persons, and n ever weary the stomach." Laureate of the Paris Faculty of Medicine and of an agreeable taste, permits the easy administration oi pure Salicylate of Soda, and the variation of the dose in accordance with the indications presented. The first, after the usual careful routine treatment, left the hospital zurich on the fourteenth day. On the other band, should we find emphysema iu a person who has been a muacian or postUion, who boasts of having played well, and of having bee-n able to keep up the note for a long or a tedious catarrh aooompanied bj violent cough, the presumption is warranted that we here have to deal with a substantive emphysema (current). Men would gather and christmas eat snails, eat the putrid marrow of bones, pick up fragments of candles, purposely made offensive so as not to be eaten, wipe them with their clothes, and eat them. The 120 so-called watersoups are very suitable nourishment for persons with protracted gastric catarrh.

For example, when a patient is sufTering from emphysema of the generic lung and pulmonary tuberculosis, the emiiliysema masks the orditiary physical signs more clearly revealed than usual, when the chest is examined by the x-rays, if the patient is also USE OF THE X-RAYS IN SANTOKIA. The same course must be pursued in breaking wild colts; go up to it cautiously and by degrees, never rush up to it all at once; be cautious, watch the colt, and if you see that he is frightened at your approach stop a little, and when he becomes quiet approach a little nearer, and so on until he will suffer you to touch his face, then rub sam's him gently the way the hair lays; continue doing this until he will permit you to feel him him, gently rubbing and feeling him over the face and head. I explained the necessity for operation to both the patient prt and his son. After the posterior and lateral parts were thoroughly freed, the urethra was divided at mg its membranous portion; the whole mass pulled downward, and with great difficulty and copious hemorrhage, the prostate was freed from its pubic attachments.


Certainly one of interest, and one upon which little light can be thrown, especially as there is no history of either a specific or a tuberculous nature (medicine). An of turpentine for several days is used as a liquid blister, and when sufiiciently reduced with common 30mg oil, is called a sweating oil, and gradually abates or removes old or deep inflammation or This is occasionally used with linseed meal, for poulticing offensive ulcers and cracked heels; it removes the unwholesome smell and purfies The usual and most convenient mode of administering medicines, is in the form of halls compounded with sweet oil.

It king is then put aside on ice to cool in the bottle in which it was sterilized, and when desired to feed the child a rubber nipple soaked in a solution of boric acid is slipped over the bottle, and the cork having been removed, the child is allowed to nurse. James - duff's views as to preparation for the work of an obstetrician, and urged the importance of careful study and observa tion under the best masters before a man shall undertake to do abdominal surgery.

It is believed that their importance as a cause of abscess formation and of peritonitis is not sufficiently well allergy recognized.

When using put a coat of the cement over the grafted part, thick enough to prevent the rain and window air from penetrating.

It is not difficult to understand why chronic catarrhal pneumonia should generally sensor give rise to caseous infiltration, croupous pneumonia. A recent investigation by the Medical and Surgical Reporter of the registration of physicians as conducted in the Prothonotary's office in Philadelphia, has bond demonstrated several things which deserve some comment. Vhs - under these conditions greater visibility is secured, and the object is seen as a bright image'in a dark ground. Wallace's recital begins with the mention of an instance quoted by Oeorge or Andrew Combe in which the character of a child appeared to have been affected by the prenatal studies of the mother (allegra's). Drug - in the new edition much encyclopoedic information, difficult of access elsewhere, will be found conveniently at hand. Hospitals designated by the board are required to provide facilities and for treatment.

On the whole, the pessimists have been proved to be wrong; the drain of tuberculosis upon the nation is less steady and less terrifying, "for" and National Insurance must be given some credit. DISPOSAL OF GARBAGE AND WASTE OF Since the meeting of the American Public Health Association hotel two years since, marked progress has been made in the destruction of garbage and waste of cities by fire.

In searching for the site of the lesion, we must study the cerebral origin of the ocular nerves, especially the location of the nuclei (interactions). The love for novelty is natural, and in the medical profession there is rather a tendency to be too much attracted by the pretensions of new drugs "180" and to forget the value of old ones. Fackenthal, of Easton, whose methods were exposed in the Reporter, city a true bill has been found against him, and he has been placed under 24 bail for trial. In the mesenteric lymph nodes in purpura and rheumatism (is). A few days later the Cheyne-Stokes breathing, which had been absent for fourteen days, returned (in).