Two cases of scarlatinu-morbilli and one Repr.from: Medicine, Detroit, UKX, x.

Leitung der Sensibilitat im Ruckenmark (Demonstration fatti che si svolgono nel midollo spinale in seguito alio Ueber die Leitung der Gef iihlsei ndrvicke im Riickenmark. Kiirzlich verfaste und nothigste Unterriehtung vor die Ober- und andere Wehemiitter in dem hochfiirstl.


Already, the Doctor has on file and properly arranged for immediate consultation, not fewer than five hundred cases, embracing every operation in surgery, obstetrics, the administration of every kind of medicine, etc. Was done and a considerable amount of pus found immediately beneath the cortex, the antrum was opened and pus and granulations removed by cureting. Levis remarked that, in the present state of information in regard to its anaesthetic effects, he thought its applicability to surgery very valuable, but limited.

A"hemorrhage" should be considered as definitely indicating consumption unless there is buy clear evidence to the contrary, which there practically never is.

In New Hampshire, the law regulating for the practice of medicine has not accomplished very marked results. Senn has described a new method, devised by him, for the bloodless amputation of following conclusions are presented by the author, as embodying the advantages of this head of the femur and clearing the shaft of this bone of all soft tissues down to the proposed line of amputation through an external straight incision requires less time, is attended by less hemorrhage and shock than when this part of the operation is done after circular amputation, as advised by straight incision is the same as the von Langenbeck incision for resection of the dislocation of the femur the soft tissues are tunnelled with a haemostatic forceps whichiis entered through the external wound on a level with the trochanter minor to a point on the inner aspect of the thigh behind the adductor by elastic compression or vertical position elastic tube three-quarters of an inch in diameter and about four feet in length is grasped with the force in the center and drawn the base of the thigh is constricted by drawing firmly and tying the anterior constrictor in front of the anterior section, while the posterior constrictor after being drawn tight behind the posterior section the two ends are crossed and then made to encircle the whole thigh, when the ends are long and short oval cutaneous flap should invariably be made in all amputations at the muscles should be some what conical in shape, the apex of the cone corresponding to the tunnel made by enculeation of the upper ligation of all vessels that can be found should be done before the removal of the constrictors. Giftigkeit einer reinen Chlornatriumiusung und ihrer Moore (Anne). If an ulcer had not yielded to a thorough course of medical treatment duodenal feeding should be tried before resorting to surgery. Now nothing so restores sale the tone of these weakened centres as cold properly applied. While the blow is not struck from this point, if there is actual tendemees at the attachments of the lumbar muscles or in the ligamentous support of the lumbo-saero-iliac region, this blow will bring it out Patient should then stand erect and without calling his attention to what is hand should be placed on the shoulders of the patient and gradual pressure exerted.

Neither do we propose to deal with the failure of union of one of the fragments, which occurs sometimes in intra-capsular fracture of the neck of the humerus and femur. As this seems creatine to exercise an influence on the relation of tlie parts. Pel by the department of health on the report of a case of (A. Has a germicidal action superior to Corrosive Sublimate THIS LIQUID MIXES IN ALL PROPORTIONS WITH WATER At ordinary temperature even, FORMALIN gives off Gaseous, Formic Aldehyd, and the evolution of Gas is, of course, accelerated by application of heat. There may be reasonable doubt in which case he is always entitled to as much time as he needs and he is justified under such circumstances in requesting further interviews with the applicant in order that he may ascertain the real nature of the trouble; but when he has made up his mind definitely he should simply report any abnormality present or recommend the risk, as a rule, without further comment.

Rartel (J.) Ueber die hypoplasti.sche Konstitution Lymphdriisenbefunde und deren Beziehung zum Status Friedlander (A.) Status lymphaticus and enlargement of the thymus; with report of a case successfully Hedinger (E. At any rate, leucocytosis is one factor in defense (supplement).

Kmploi du sphygmo-signal de Vaquez Rouen.

On questioning, and with a partial examination of the case, I found that she referred the pain nearly directly to the McBurney point and she g".ves the history of having had several distinct attacks of pain, which would indicate more or less appendicitis, and I was inclined to thiDk, or, at least the question arose in my mind, whether or not it was not separate and distinct from her attack of typhoid fever, having no connection with the attack of typhoid fever. In some instances these animals preferred to starve rather than to touch it. The Greatest Invention of the Age! HEAT OR COLD AT WILL. Chills and fever followed the first and second injection in several cases, and in a few urticaria developed.