Conversely, certain pathologic conditions may elevate the SvO. The illustration is evidently made with the idea of showing as much of the life of the amphitheater as possible; hence we see Galen treating the gladiator in -a room associated with the animals' cage, though it is very likely there was a special surgical operating-room, and with Galen's insistence on cleanliness he would not be frequently pigs, goats and sheep, both because they were handiest and because he recognized the physiological similarity of the pig to man; in his anatomical researches he employed apes, for he position and size of nerves and tendons in apes, you will recognize them easily in the human body; but without this, your surgical work is vain." He also tells us that he dissected horses, asses, With the difficulty of housing in a city dwelling the large animals employed, it is interesting to speculate on where he did this wonderful series of physiological experiments.


When high fever came on, with great thirst and restlessness, ext.

Thus began the French and Indian war, but it had no material eifect on the Indiana settlements until its close. It is attached by its point to the receding angle, between the two alas of the thyroid cartilage. In tracing the reflections of the peritoneum in the middle line, we commence with the diaphragm, which is lined by two layers, one from the parietes in front, anterior, and one from the parieties behind, posterior. Contracted pupil is observed in morphine, eserine and pilocarpine poisoning. The design of this communication is to establish by means of experiments in the eyes of rabbits that it is a chemical entity. While suckling her disorders baby, the flow is still suspended, and, among the poor, women often continue to suckle a child far beyond the proper length of time (about six months) because they wrongly suppose that a new pregnancy is impossible as long as suckling is continued. We will first of all give an experiment in which the fluid was not poisoned, the saline circulation being maintained right through.

Now to the avowed subject of this paper.

In order to measure the rate of flow, the preparation was placed on a tilted glass plate from which the escaping fluid drained into a graduated glass measure, by which means we were enabled to read off the amount of outflow for any given interval of time.

The method of examination of each organ will therefore be followed by a short description of the most important diseases One who has not yet learned from his school training or practical experience, to appreciate the various symptoms which characterize each of the diseases and who has not a welldefined mental picture of the appearance of each of the diseases with which he must come in contact, will never become Diagnosis per sc has a different value depending upon whether it is made for a scientific or wholly practical purpose. He has not, however, succeeded as yet in finding any diagnostic sign by which this organism can be differentiated. IMeanwhile the English had secured the friendship of the southern Indians, who were enemies of the Algonquian tribes, and incidentally hostile to the French, who supplied them with arms; and, in consequence, trouble opened in that direction.

It was Charcot who first taught the trophic influence of the motor cells of the anterior horns of the spinal cord and pointed out the important relation of these cells in anterior poliomyelitis. The last is intermitted buy during uterine contractions. Water Brash is a clear alkaline fluid, much like saliva (or spittle) in appearance, which comes into the mouth in gushes, and has to be spat out, generally in the sufferer early morn ing. Bray presented report of the Committee of the Whole, to whom was submitted the Report of the Committee on Rules and Regulations as follows, report progress and ask leave to sit again. This plaster applied to the face or breast is excellent for the coid or ague affecting those parts, and if applied to the face, is a good remedy for tic doloreatix. He concluded that it had passed into the oesophagus, but upon drawing it outward a little wav found that respiration was free, indicating that the tube had been obstructed by swelhng of the epiglottis. He might which multitudes of blaok granules were found interspersed between the fibres of the lens and in the substance of the fibres.

George Finley, who is of Piankeshaw descent, thinks that Piankeshaw is from pi-an-gi'-sa, which means"they separated, or went apart, unwittingly", which is very plausible.

Medication - as a fact the pains in these cases are very little understood even by doctors themselves.

The vessels of the tuft consist of a branch of the umbilical artery, and of a radicle of the umbilical vein. Such formula are fatty tumors, birth-marks or naevi, bony knobs, cysts (wens), and fibrous growths, like warts. The control of these prisoners was doubtless very rigid, and every effort appears to have been taken to detect venereal disease. The attacks were shorter than usual, but he could not satisfy himself that the pills. Moreover, any qualitative electrical changes would be The symptoms in this form of alcoholic paralysis are due to a multiple neuritis, especially of the sensory nerves, and it differs from the second ex type in the absence, or, at any rate, in the extreme mildness of hypersesthesia, hyperalgesia, paralysis, and atrophy.