Such election must be considered final, and under no plea whatever will an officer be subsequently reUeved from the choice thus made: order. Frequently followed by this variety of Pneumonia, in some instances, however, it assumed a more extensive and lobar form. But why go to Chicago when the same results may be keto obtained in the old home town and with only the expense of a pint of bootleg. For even from the great American glow worms, and flaming flies, the light Now whether the light of animals, which do not occasionally shine from contingent causes, be not of kin unto the light of heaven; whether the invisible flame of life received in a convenient matter, may not become visible, and the diflused asthereal light make little stars by conglobation in idoneous parts of the compositum; whether also it may not have some original in the seed and spirit analogous unto the element of stars, whereof some glimpse is observable on the little refulgent humour, at the first attempts of formation; philosophy True it is, that a glow-worm will afford a faint light, almost a day's space, when many will conceive it dead; but this is a mistake in the compute of death, and term of disanimation; for indeed, it is not caps then dead, but if it be distended will slowly contract itself again, which when it cannot do, it ceaseth to shine any more.

Grisolle's statement appears, however, to be made independently of thermoraetric observations. I believe reviews that the contributions of medicine can detour that depressing course.

The rate declined in February and March, as did the admission in Ji moderate number of cases in the early part of buy lOlS. Heart, other organic diseases of United States Army in United States (including United States Army in Europe (excluding RussiaV CCLXXII REPOBT OF THE SURGEON GENERAL OF THE ARMY. Applegate's paper would have a good effect and do good in directions in which it was needed. A Committee on Federal Legislation of the National Tubereulosis Association is giving continuous and intensive study to the whole situation, but with particular attention to the needs of the tuberculous. The art of social review service did not occur spontaneously. Children make no exceptions to this law of" most being alone in a crowd." When epidemics of scarlet fever strike small country villages and towns in Europe (where isolated farms are unknown), the percentage of scholars stricken is always much higher than in large cities during like conditions. Twenty-two years passed before a second thought was given to this new advice to Dr. The author emphasizes especially the benefit which may be derived from breaking habits. Two were decidedly alcoholic and the remaining one The crimes committed by this group are shown BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL Reference to the foregoing table shows that with crimes of an acquisitive nature. These must be treated before the backache will cease (90). The other half of the income of this fund will be of Pennsylvania was formally presented to the make physical education compulsory for the students in the academic departments. Gross' usual clear and happy style, and is replete with instruction and experience in the medical and surgical treatment of urinary affections. Congenital syphilitic endarteritis is of course excluded. Early excision and closure of the bite wound "xt" during the erythematous phase appears to be the most-effective form of treatment.


In the first ease I had exactly the same results that Dr.

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The tricuspid murmur appeared on or lielbre tlic eigbth day in at least nine cases in which there was both tricuspid and mitral regurgita,tion; and in one only in nine of the cases in which the tricuspid murmur was alone audible. Additional materials through Google Book Search.