Hamilton's brochure in your columns, has more particularly called boosters my attention to the matter. The kidney gradually pulls upon this buy and thus gets farther and farther away from its normal position. According to Dreyfus, the virulence of colon bacilli cultivated from normal feces is much less than that of the same organism cultivated from the excreta of dysentery, typhoid fever, gastro-enteritis, and Bacterium coli plays a very prominent role in human pathology. The impediment to free respiration, and the fidl performance of liismatosis, which obtain in such cases is a source of real reviews detriment to the condition of the patient. I believe that in most of these cases it must be assumed that some complication Vomiting is by no means a constant symptom in intussusception. Our present opinion on this matter is, in general, the following: that in cases in which there are, in connection with the signs of typhoid lesion of the lung, evidences of gastro-intestinal disease, both the pulmonary and abdominal lesions spring from the one parent condition, and that so far from the specialities ot the pulmonary, being derived from the accidental complication with the abdominal disease, both have a cnmmon character originating in the same source. Seat - many cancers of the stomach or of the intestine, or of the gallbladder, present veiy abundant villous processes. In many instances, however, palpation yields absolutely negative results; movements of the bowel may, in exceptional cases, be seen through the abdominal wall.

The two first doses not producing much drops effect the third was given, which speedily induced salivation. He was in a state of stupor, order from which he could be aroused, however, and at no time was any food administered by means of mechanical appliances.


The so-called" rolling movements" of the intestine were briefly mentioned.

The evacuation of the bowels and the character of the motions are very important in this disease, and are very valuable guides to the diagnosis of intussusception. The positive symptoms produced are particularly important because, of course, only those ulcers which can be directly seen and diagnosed by inspection are situated in the lowest portion of the rectum. The haemorrhage will be mainly in the form of general oozing, that can be readily "brazil" controlled by pressure; but if any considerable vessels bleed, they should be at once secured with pressure forceps, and the operation should be completed as soon as possible consistently with its careful performance.

Quite recently it appears that certain surgeons are again entering the lists very energetically against the use of opium in occlusion of the bowel. Jeuks for the opportunity of obsening this last case, which was under his care, in whom I liquid am indebted for the particulars. Among the many causes producing it are emesis, coughing, or any great physical exertion, such as athletics, lifting heavy weights, etc (booster).

Although Graser found peritoneal wounds of the peritoneum occasionally united in general the endothelial layer is removed or damaged before connective-tissue adhesions can form between the layers of the peritoneum.

Sir Thomas Watson, however, cites an instance in which a child m utero had tertian economics ague with its mother, who herself shook one day, and felt the child shake within her on the following day. The intestines were drawn apart and the following picture was seen in the deeper portions of the abdomen that were exposed to view. They occur in those frequently dilated and hypertrophic portions of the intestine situated above the invagination. The author concludes that seats the di sulphate is not an abortifacient, and will not certainly induce premature labor, with or without the aid of mechanical measures. The necessary result is a displacement of the corresponding arches and spinous "pro-forest" processes, which become bent into a sharp angle or a rounded curve according to the number of the bones which are diseased. Rotter describes a case of polyposis recti in a woman thirty-one years old.