This, he said, was on account of the difficulty experienced by them in conducting their business in accordance with the demands of such a law. For a year past has been subject to giddiness, especially on stooping. Seeds only germinate in the environment of soil, moisture, temperature, etc. The spray was often bad, for it favored a deposit of minute foreign particles on the surface of the wound. I., Pur'ulent, the presence of scattered pus-cells i a tissue. Collins estimates their necessity from the data physicians in private practice would require to use them but seldom, as supposing an individual to attend four thousand cases in the course of his life, which is a greater number than falls to the lot of most men, the forceps or demanding their application from such individuals, would be terrible indeed: not only from their own inherent horrors, but from a necessary want of skill in the operator; for it appears to me a rational conclusion, and one not only suggested by analogy but sanctioned by experience, that he who according to this calculation applies the forceps or lever but once in six or eight years, and then only when life is in immediate and extreme peril, can rarely apply them with sufficient skill to do credit to himself, or afford safety to his patient; while he who resorts to them early, before such fearful demonstration of their necessity arrives, though he may occasionally apply them where the unaided energies of the system might in the end prevail, yet from habit he attains more tact, and in their employment will rarely if ever injure his patient. One of these consists in administering tonics, particularly cinchona, in some of its forms, from the very beginning of the attack; and the other in depletion, treating it as a purely inflammatory affection. The hi manual plan of delivery recently brought into use is no doubt the best and speediest form of delivery; but it is not always practicable.


In most of them, the patients had laboured under bronchial inflammation; but it is important to observe, that in nearly all, a considerable time elapsed, after the subsidence of the bronchial aflfection, before the"polypous" concretions were formed and expelled. They underlie who seeks help from a physician needs both all processes of decomposition of organic of these forms of assistance judiciously conmatter, thereby affording to the air and the sidered and understood, and he has a right soil with its water the elements necessary to demand them. Patient and his friends the dangers which Some good vigorous exercise which keeps are before h,m if he begins to tax his sys- him out of doors and keeps the mind occutem before it has had time for repair. Mix well together four tablespoonfuls of sago, tlie juice and rind of one lemon, and a quart of water. It has seemed to me that a useful purpose might be served by attempting to define anew the relations of the physician to the surgeon in handling the patients whom both seek to serve. Buy - greffier is doubtless correct in regarding this notion as insufficient on which to restore the doctrine of duality of phthisis.

A genus of plants yielding arrow-poison.

Now and then he coughs; the cough has a hoarse, hollow sound and there is no expectoration. I have the greatest confidence in it for every inflammatory ailment.""It is not necessary for me to say what I think of Antiphlogistine, because I always use it in every case of pleurisy, bronchitis and pneumonia.""I not only believe but know that as a therapeutic agent, Antiphlogistine is of unquestioned value in pneumonia." Appendicitis.

I at once introduced my hand passing oflf without any difficulty. Barsky (British Medical Journal) cited a case in which one and one third grains caused pallor, vertigo, general numbness, dysphagia, dyspnea, chest oppression, and vomiting. Clement would provide an amazon adequate remedy for the evils under discussion.

The drug acts first as a stimulant and then as a depressor' of the respiratory mechanism, and in larger doses paralyzes the motor nerves of mammals; but this effect is preceded by a period during which the excitability of the voluntary muscles is increased and quivering movements are produced, apparently of peripheral origin. A plastic vulvar operation for prolapsed uterus. Governor Jackson's course in not signing the Bill has been influenced, we must think, by unfair and untruthful statements review which have been made to him.

It may produce in slight transient itching and buzzing in the ears, but any specific antituberculous virtues, A. For traction of the tongue, that organ may be grasped with especially de signed forceps, hemostats, or with the hand (india). A resection of the muscularis was not found necessary in this case, as the peritoneum overlapped the muscle; in such event the resection is omitted. Six weeks have now elapsed since he first began treatment.