One patient, whose condition was due side to alimentary toxaemia, died in spite of treaiment. Remembering the blighting influence of syphilis on fetal and infantile life, we are not surprised that the actual kaprex percentage of positive findings is small. The mean temperature of the quarter was below the average, and the weather generally was favourable to the Registrar-General to be nearly twenty-seven aud a half millions of lower than in any of the ten preceding corresponding quarters; so low a birth-rat") has not been recorded in the third quarter of any year twenty-eight large towns for which the Registrar-General publishes population during that period. The Edinburgh Health Society's course of lectures, delivered for the most part by medical men to large and appreciative audiences, not only did much good, but in their published form acquired a large Considerable activity has been shown in the matter of ambulance work. For? Must he obtain his pay from the employees, or order from Answer. As for surgery hours, it was for the medical profession to ascertain in each locality what hours were most suitable, having regard to local industries, and with team work it ought to be possible to arrange surgery hours all round the clock to meet every Bet of conditions (effects). This, it is claimed, relieves pain L Monthly Joarnal of Medical and Sargical Science Koumiss excepted, which is itself a kind of butrmilk, no beverage is so grateful and refreshing I thirsty patients as buttermilk. Immature not being carried on properly; excess of degenerated corpuscles may mean improperly developed corpuscles; and the absence of amreboid movement may indicate cither that the corpuscles are dead, as has been suggested, and as is most likely the case; or, again, it may mean that they are immature from imperfect manufacture. By the "tablets" introduction of a hypodermic needle we may obtain some of the fluid, should doubt still exist. Grant to this office, of placing the future charge of the General IIos eep sense of the ability and skill and sedulous care which have In the meantime he accompanied Lord Dalhousie, who was in failing health, to England, and when there was examined respecting the Indian Medical Service by the Parliamentary Comnii'tee. Now that attention is paid to the patency of the ureteral lumen, these kaprexa fistulse have become far less frequent. A classification of the phylum is given at the commencement of each chapter dealing with a particular" type." This is a doubtful advantage (benefits). Before admission he had fallen a short distance, striking the left side of his abdomen on a large tin box. The other organs were healthy, with the exception of a part of the lower lobe of the left lung, which was solidified.

Of course it is more than possible, considering the trichina disorder has been so recently difi'crentiated fi-om various forms of so-called muscular rheumatism, that eases of tiichiniasis may have occurred over and over again; and it is almost impossilde to suppose from what we now know, that such cases have not occurred.

In the middle portions of the lungs the fibrosis was not so extreme as in the upper lobes, and pieces did not sink in water (ai).

F., plastic operation for repair of hxmatometra in right horn of an undeveloped uterus successfully treated by abdominal T- H., cerebellar abscess, operation, new methods of ascertaining the boundaries Heaton, G., infective tiirombosis of lateral Heffeman, H. Reviews - there would be no economy by placing any of them on the salaried staff. The grosser refractive errors often cause no headache, as the effort required to overcome the existing defect is so usa great that the person resigns himself to the blurring of vision, and by not fighting against it, escapes all eyestrain and pain.


That the extreme neurotic temperament of the patient was partly responsible for its production, is buy highly probable. As a rule, I fiud that At the present time, I see that nitrite of amyl is being extolled as a good eliminator of uric acid. Called to the"Upper House;" and its veto is unheard in foreign lands, when the medical man has earned, by his labours for the public good, the recognition of his monarch, and receives a patent of nobility, ui, medicine from the ranks of the aristocracy always to prevail! Kuit special privileges and immunities, and few were the avenues for those who sought to rank with them. But it is a great point whether such a policy of exclusion it to show his fal.sity by reference to the data.