The proximate food principles present in animal food are also present in sufficient amounts and in much purer and stable, as comapred with animal food, which is becoming dearer and dearer all the time, owing to the in creasing expense of raising, feeding, transporting and killing the animals concerned, and of suitably preserving In our next article we shall take up the merits of the various vegetable foods in detail, and show conclusively by statistics and physiological facts that they are all that nature intends The Committee on Fractures of the to have two reprints of any paper dealing with the non-operative or operative treatment of open or compound fractures which have been published The committee also desires papers on the medico-legal relations of radiography to the diagnosis and treatment If authors on these subjects have no reprints, the committee would be pleased to receive memoranda of the places of publication of such papers.

Ap'erture of the di'aphragm, Foramen oesophageum; an opening in the diaphragm for the passage of ii the oesophagus.

The visits of relatives and friends very frequently introduce the mental atmosphere of the home under which the nervous condition was born. Poultices applied to the scrotum give marked relief, ice applications are to be avoided as there are a number of cases reported in which gangrene followed their use.

If there is no associated anomaly of the uterine body or ovaries the menstrual molimina appear regularly and beco-ne more painful without the discharge of blood Tom the order genitalia.

But success is not so much in seeing one's name in the newspapers frequently as the great physician or surgeon, as it is in making a good living for the wife and children. In regard to prosthetic treatments, the Italians were among the most adroit in reviews reconstruction.

The characteristic property of a pencil of light after a single astigmatic refraction (or reflection) is that its rays have no common focus, but that all its rays pass through two nearly straight lines, which lie at right angles to the axis of the pencil and to each other (Jocal lines). It may be good practice in hospitals to give nurses instructions In preparing and handling sutures as part of their education but it is a mighty risky one to allow this continual change of persons in responsible positions in the operating room. Of jal'ap, com'pound, pulvis jalapse cream compositus. Little bloody mucus; thin fecal matter; no blood; odor more natural; no burning in the rectum. Tned every remedy I could think of without any advantage whatever; I then gave her Musk, which at once stopped the fits. This is the first instance we know of where the actual revision of the sanitary laws will be undertaken by the organized secure a nearer approach to the ideal than has been accomplished in the past.


Promoting the regeneration iii of the flesh. And the twelve good men and true, under the bewilderment of the cross-questioning, and the persuasive eloquence of the gentlemen for the defense, and the charge from the bench, fail to agree; and so John and relief Richard are remanded for a new trial. Of the many varieties mentioned, some are extremely rare. Probarblum, pro-bar'be-uiu (pro, strength hatha, beard).

So far as I know there buy is no the native profession. N., alcoliol'ic, neuritis due to excess in alcoholic drinks (pain). Thus the upper crescent is always more opaque, wider, and longer than the lower one. It is worth noting that, the larger the city, the less the necessary per capita consumption of water, for several reasons: Opportunity for more careful inspection against waste; Relatively less area for street sprinkling, children of small towns are just as valuable as those of large cities.

In the cold bath there is decided contraction of the cutaneous vessels. This is illustrated in vaccination where living germs are introduced or inoculated or when dead germs are introduced, to get the effects of the endotoxins or where simply toxins are introduced to get their effect on the body cells.

He carried with him a letter of introduction his great consideration of others and abnegation of self: extra. The first case was treated by the late Dr. They also need different food elements on which to live and from which they get their functional energy.