Juroensen, lately extraordinary professor at Kiel, has acceptc an invitation to the ordinary professorship of Materia Mcdica, with tii directorship of the ix)lyclinic, at TUbingcn, in the room of the laic Di done by him as Medical Officer to the Darlington Workhouse Fcvi Iloxpital during the small-pox epidemic. Frequently, aye, very frequently, the story comes to me, that Dr.

Metabolic studies have been made by complaints Hegler on patients suffering with renal or cardiac decompensation, or both, associated with obesity. His motherattachment still holds him and tragedy or mental So many paths there are for sex to wander in that there is hardly any object in life to provigroup which accident may not turn it. Leave nothing soiled about the patient or bed, and The Treatment of Gastric Indigestion. Should such prove to bo the case, it will be necessary for the College to adopt a more economical expenditure for the future.

"A western writer, Hobson, has published a treatise on Physiology, with illustrations, in which the subject is thoroughly elucidated. His remarks upon general etiology are worth reproducing:" Failure in the action of the kidneys, bowels, lungs and liver deranges the balance of the system, and may result in disease of any organ which has work thrown upon it which it cannot perform."" We must believe, therefore," he says,"that the skin undoubtedly may become diseased in the effort to produce its secretions from imperfectly elaborated blood as well as to take its nourishment from that which has been insuflSciently prepared for it in other portions of the economy." Robinson says:" We do not believe that at any time such conditions as scrofula, anaemia, chlorosis, etc., produce eczema, except in an indirect way by increasing the irritability of the elements of the skin, or lessening their power to withstand direct irritation either from within or without, and we are obliged to hold eczema of local origin." What Fox says of eczema applies to other skin eruptions, viz. SOUTH-EASTERN BRANCH: EAST SUSSEX DISTRICT MEDICAL MEETINGS. There is not one mouthpiece which is not made to fit every person, bearded or not bearded. As Patrick once said,"In spasm the movement is an anatomical disorder; in tics a physiological one." At the onset of facial spasm reviews the spasm may be confined to only a part of a muscle.


He commenced with the subject of irritable bladder, which was very coramao, and was usually caused by incipient stricture. After a few days' treatment she again got better, when she was taken with severe pains in lower part of. Shumway thought the macular lesion might be considered a pigmentary degeneration of the retina without pigmentation. Surgeon to the Royal Hall, Richard S. As I pass the probe down I come in contact with dead bone at once.

Pearson, published in the first work of buy Dr. The use of public watering troughs in London has long been suspected of spreading this disorder among horsee, and it has been often suggested that resort to these should be prohibited until glanders is suppressed; but up to the present nothing has been done to ascertain whether there is any foundation for such an accusation against these refreshing places. This gave rise to great pain and inconvenience, which were not relieved by any treatment. According to the older writers the cardinal symptoms of inflammation are pain, heat, redness and swelling, features which are more striking in those forms of inflammation which come under the care of the surgeon than in those which the physician is called upon to treat. She is still in Ohio, and writes to her husband that her strength does not return rapidly, though her appetite and digestion are good. C.)-THE HISTORICAL GEOGRAPHY OF ARABIA; or, the Patriarchal Evidences of Revealed Religion (provigrow). If the disease were absent, the drug would not produce any appreciable effect, but with the disease the medicine produces an effect in accord with its power over the nervous system. A six to twelve cell Mcintosh battery will give.

Gross" that he should have felt, throughout the whole of his life, such a deep repugnance to the publication of the results ot his experience. The following complications render the prognosis unfavorable: pleurisy, pneumothorax, emphysema, pneumonia, secondary irruptions of miliary tubercles, pericarditis, meningitis, diarrhoea, intestinal ulceration, peritonitis (with or without perforation), sub-acute gastric catarrh, amyloid degeneration of liver, intestines, spleen, or kidneys, chronic laryngeal catarrh, and bronchitis.

Grapli orders given prompt attention. In the presence of ingredients the black plague, the rats and mice in mines would be a great menace.