The water from the river mixes with that from the filter gallery in the gate-house at Pawtucketville, and is afterwards pumped to reservoirs from which it is distributed to all parts of the city. This is, of course, a reflex act, yet it was sufficient to upset my diagnosis as to the exact location of the strictured point, increasing thus the liability of missing it altogether (where). I come now to the second part of my subject, that of preparations, which though they may be brought before the class, have their home in the museum.

In summer no fire is used; in winter a temperature of The operation is done slowly; the anaesthetic is given sparingly after the start is made. A reasonable, albeit arbitrary, departure point for discussion is the child whose height is below the tenth to sixteenth percentile for age. It merely shows, what was well known before, that this disease prevails largely among those who lead in-door and confined lives.

Legends should be in complete sentences, numbered, and typed A few color illustrations are authorized.

Morrow said: Judged by the test of to treatment alone, I think it must be admitted that the microbian theory of the nature of gonorrhea has not been sustained. Spontaneous recovery from acute pulmonary blastomycosis Similar symptoms have been reported in histoplasmosis," but in both histoplasmosis and blastomycosis, data regarding prognostic criteria for risk of dissemination are lacking.


The results are often excellent, especially in children There are also other ways of using mercury externally, for instance, the mercurial plasters of Unna, which are worn for days over large areas of the body; then the mercurolint apron, consisting of a bag filled with mercurial powder and worn on the body for two or three weeks, the evaporated mercury being taken into the lungs with the price air. In consequence, there will, within a very few years, be far less tuberculosis in France than there was before the war, and it will be quite possible within twenty years to save almost as many lives from tuberculosis as have been so deplorably sacrificed on the battlefield ingredients to the Hun greed for conquest. It seemed to me that they were true cases of gonorrhoea, and not simple exacerbations. Six months later the patient was seen, and was well nourished, but still had a little difficulty in swallowing, and sometimes vomited: enhancement. The competition of low grade colleges, whether in this or neighboring States, would not then tend to paralyze the efforts of institutions of high educational standard.

Set by Jellinek of Vienna to male found an electropathology. Then the electric light, in place of side two or three smoky oil lamps, which could do little more than emphasize the darkness all round the walls, by throwing a flood of illumination into every corner of the mess-rooms has made it possible for the seamen to read and write and sketch or carve or play games with ease and comfort, thus greatly diminishing the monotony of the voyage as well as improving their intelligence and broadening their interests. AVest for the excellence of his translation; and we pills sincerely hope that the abstract we have given w ill tempt many of our readers to make themselves masters of the whole work.

Golis, in his animated and, if I cost may be allowed the expression, picturesque history of hydrocephalus, quotes, on this subject, Qiiin, Odier, Cheyne, PeUr Frank, Portenschlag- the elder, and other labourers in the same field who testimony to the truth of their observations. As the latter is"a cul-de-sac out of the direct line of the respiratory tract, particles of foreign matter accidentally lodged in its upper portion are got rid of with difficulty." This sentence contains the partial refutation of the theory it is employed to defend; for the naso-pharynx being situated above the airpassage, it is only accidentally that foreign bodies from the atmosphere become lodged in its interior, the irritative effect of such particles being expended on the inferior nasal meatus, on the lower pharynx and on the laryngeal mucous membrane. It was difficult to draw valuable conclusions from statistical study in this matter, except of the most general nature, and it was with these limitations that he would present the results of a study of a considerable number of renal operations taken from the reports of cases published during the last four years, and would submit his conclusions inferred from a study of these data, with reference to the choice of operation based upon the nature of the disease for which the operations were performed. For use by following topical applications in" winter itch": iufectious diseases (small-pox, measles, diphtheria and croup, BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL. This resolution was agreed to, and concluded the phone business of the morning. Wile of a mottled light purple and buff colour at upper parts; the summit f)f number upper lobe on right side had many bullae of emphysehia in it; there were many fine firm membranes, of a filamentousajipcarance when stretched, obviously of long standing, binding the lung to the pleura costalis, particularly the upper lobe; the lower lobe being glued to the pleura costalisby lymph, yellow, soft, and very easily brokcn,doubtlessquite recent. One case of well-marked tuberculosis of the left lung recovered entirely under the effects arc light treatment in combination with anti-tubercular remedies. Ovalbumin, "buy" by Csborne and Campbell from egg white, after all the proteids coagulable by heat had been separated, nucleoalbumin, contained in the yolk of egg; a white granular substance soluble in dilute acids, alkalis, and a lofo solution of common salt. Acetate, bulky, acicular crystals, readily soluble in review water and adapted for subcutaneous injections. Rx - it is a colorless, highly refractive liquid and burns spontaneously upon exposure to the air. Scam - a German, whose daughter is married to the second apothecary of a government town near this (Koursk), told us, that he had seen his son-in-law's books, and seldom found the roubles respectively. As soon as the drainage in the back was established, the pus, which had continued profuse in front since the stitches were removed, immediately stopped, and came only through Professor Wood kindly made the following report on the urine just before she went home:"Albumen, the slightest possible trace; sediment, chiefly vaginal epithelium, excess of renal epithelium; an occasional blood globule; an occasional hyaline and fine granular cast; renal cells on most of the casts. Hector Galloway, Secretary of the" An effort was made by our local Society (Cass County Medical) to obtain from the last Legislature an Act similar to that of Pennsylvania, requiring registration, etc., but the consideration of it was not reached before the Legislature adjourned. Thus laryngitis will often precede the lung trouble, and a certain amount of bronchitis may be expected.