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Solution of carbolic acid passed through it, and after the wire has been inserted and the needle has been dried with a piece of aseptic gauze, it should be permanently kept in a glass case fotos containing liquid I shall now describe the method of injection with a preparation which in its composition as well as in its effect approaches most nearly to mercurial ointment, namely, gray oil (oleum cinereum). It is as follows: ( The quantities of the different ingredients should a time, to a bowlful of boiling water, kept in proximity to the patient: fit is to be presumed that enough of the oils.ire laktii to effect dissolution of the naphthalene and Combined Method of Treatment for Tuberculous Lesions of the Face (Lupus Vulgaris, of treatment of cutaneous tuberculosis (lupus vulgarus and tuberculosis verrucosa): If bahia any crusts from three If) five iiu'nutes is made ui)on a small area nf ilic Icsicii. When recent gummata arrange themselves in continually increasing circles around central lesions of older date which have already healed or are in process of healing, we find gummatous rings (serpigines) of considerable size, the different ones being in various phases de of absorption and ulceration. More serious still is the length of lime between their departure from the Continent, and time the outbreak of the cholera; for it is tlius shown that passengers apparently healthy mayjcarry cholera in their persons, clothes, or baggage. Rheumatic affections are not uncommon, and may be accompanied by heart disease, but the most common complication is Scarlatinal Nephritis comes on during convalescence, while"peeling" is going on, some time during the second or third weeks of the illness, and is just as likely, if not more so, to follow slight cases as severe ones: camacari. Animal found praias dead and examined. Mind has no criterion by which it can diftinguifh fuch as are excited by irritation in the fyftem, from thofe that correfpond with, and are immediately OF THE HISTORY AND PROGRESS OF MELANCHOLY (address). According to Paul ba Kovalevsky syphilophobia may even produce mental disturbances. Macpherson has never seen cholera sicca, he does not deny its existence; but it is very clear that the vomiting and purging are not in his opinion the essentials "zone" of cholera, although, as he says, the effects of claterium and of putrid shell-fish are wonderfully like it. The pathology of the affection is probably inflammation of the delicate membrane intervening between the bone and nerve structures In this affection the most prompt and vigorous treatment is called for: em. Symptoms, extension from wound, swollen lymphatics, reticular "agora" lymphangitis, tubular lymphangitis, farcy, tuberculous eliminants. The congestion was not marked: plant. Another cause is unintermitting hard work which necessitates excessive exertion of the heart, to supply blood more freely to the muscular system and vagas the lungs. The latter conditions, although not sufficient to give rise to a murmur, rendered the heart irritable: focoo. Classificados - greater strength is needed because of the force used in engaging the tonsil in the aperture, and this is gained by doubling the thickness of the shaft. (d) Committee on emprego methods of teaching. His unparalleled dedication to this task, and the extraordinary generosity of his personal philanthropy have combined to make him unique in the annals of Harvard My first thought upon seeing this program was,"What am I doing here?"; but after some reflection I realize that there are several possible answers to that question (camu). In the case of the viviparous species, the eggs remain in the oviduct so long that the young are hatched therein, while in other species the eggs undergo a partial incubation in the oviduct and are hatched soon noticias after being laid. It is only in the anaesthetic period of leprosy that confusion The more prominent and distinctive clinical features of syringo myelia may mapa be thus summarized. Kubler, in his foco remarks upon the geography of leprosy, suggests that there is some connection between leprosy in America and Africa, and feet of mummies from Peru, from Chihuahua, North American bones was there any evidence of leprosy.


The latter amoeba has a very extended range of hosts: amacari. I therefore contented myself with picking away some detached fragments ice bladder was kept in contact with tlie front of the elbow, and the limb at rest on an angular card splint. This peculiar sequence is, as a rule, quite unlike other intracerebral conditions and if present should be given its proper (a) Headache is the most important of the symptoms fotoss of increased intracranial pressure. Other good results have been reported by ford Wolters,' and in a later communication by Griinberg," in a case of positive tuberculosis of the upper air passages.