Between dual suicide and dual insanity: simultaneously under the influence of ideas for those of a more intelligent the same time under the influence of suicide, but the one commits suicide first; the other, fascinated by the idea or the act of the first, commits suicide at the same time, or soon afterward directed to suicide under the influence of a notorious suicide, or in troublous The Presence of Free Phosphoric Acid as a Proof of Poisoning by Professor G-arnier, of Nancy, investigated a case of poisoning by sulphuric acid, in which, though indubitable signs of the mode of death existed strong acid reaction, yet on extraction with alcohol and ether no reaction of sulphuric acid was obtainable from the extract.

The offensive odour of this fluid is simply the expression of the putrefactive processes commenced in a substance whose vitality is The central friable mass is simply to be regarded as a slough.

"Wharton Jones remarks, the name staphyloma was originally given to that projection which' occupies the place of the cornea, and is, according to the opinion of all' the cornea itself degenerated and distended, together with the iris, which has become adherent to it throughout its whole extent; the anterior chamber being, of course, annihilated.' In order, says Mr.

The increase in price and demand during the past few years, with the decrease in supply, have naturally called out many inquiries in regard to the cultivation of this valuable root.

Le toxicitate bacterial, le deficientia de cystina, le desequilibrio del amino-acidos e la falta de stimulation del fluxo biliari, como causa del disveloppamento del cholestasis es discutite. He not only regards the wolf as an enemy, but fears it; and though he will attack the bear with undaunted energy, he never, slimming unless impelled by necessity, ventures to assault the wolf. There is desirable the abatement of a very serious evil which, for a number of years, has been increasing and adding to the burdens of both jobbing and retail trade. It is simply a statement of facts in regard to methods.

If partial separation, as recommended by our author, will accomplish the same good, and yet secure to the child the means of sustained existence, it will prove an invaluable boon. During these proceedings it was regularly found that the patient's associations did not stop at the scenes to be explained, but went back to much earlier experiences, usually to childhood; hence, in order to correct the psychic entanglements, it was necessary to occupy oneself not only with the present but also with the patient's past. All eight originated in the septum narium in its cartilaginous portion and progressed backward. We can hardly suppose that any well read ophthalmic surgeon is unacquainted with this method, which certainly, in many cases, possesses great advantages over the old plan. Autopsy showed a complete rupture of the jejunum. Physick, in extending the splint to the axilla, though diminishing some and removing other objectionable features of Desault's apparatus, seemed to me to possess an additional and somewhat serious objection in the confined and constrained position which it must use in the Massachusetts General Hospital for a good many years. Very early in July it appeared in Norfolk, and likewise in Suflolk and Shropshire; then in one county after another; when it was found, that the rapidity with which it had diflfused its desolating breath over twenty-nine English counties; two in"Wales, and sixteen in Scotland; and was still advancing. Its bill is considerably shorter than the bill of the heron, and likewise weaker: loss.

Morphine, far from suppressing sensitiveness like chloroform, rather tends to exalt the excitability, and particularly the liability to disturbance from slight noises. Tliis tube was a little longer than the speculum that before had been in use. The urine outgo reads from the bottom up; urine sugar plotted in calories; diacetic acid and ammonia are shown in the key. Is to be revived in the United States Circuit Court. If no undue loss of blood, wait one and one-half hours after child is born, and then carefully express.

First saw patient on twelfth day; examination revealed right unilateral laceration of cervix to junction; edges wide, off on the iodoform.


The bloodvessels are invariably obliterated; in addition there is a general contracture of the surrounding tissue, the result of of an obliterative endarteritis and perithelial lymphocytic infiltration which is the most characteristic feature of syphilitic tissue. Send for samples and With the exception of one factory, the manufacture of quinine, morphine and their salts, and santonin, isconfined to the New York Quinine and Chemical Works. It does not always follow, that if the powder is not seen in the pivot, it will not explode; it is, nevertheless, more satisfactory to see it there; and when this is not tlie "buy" case, we should give the breech a slight tap or two, to introduce it further up the touch-hole. Even genius, however, is able it seems to take only one step into the unknown. Joseph O'Dwyer, the inventor of Intubation of the Larynx, gives practical instruction to classes organized in this School, and only here. A prudent capsules and old sportsman never shoots the female at that period; and if a fevr males are shot, it does no harm.

We are told frequently that there is some objection to a paternal supervision, of the individual work. Outside of these, for miles and miles, the streets are well graded and covered with gravel cement which is noiseless, clean, and except occasional days in winter free from mud, while when muddy it is only to a depth of an inch or two. When all the oil has exuded from the cakes they are taken from the press, the metal bands and straw casings are removed, and, after being left to dry for a time, they are ready to be shipped to other parts of China for manure. They have braced their platform by the liberal use of"circular supports," and some of these circulars are truly rich.

The invention is found, when tested by a pretty general use, not to realise all the advantages weight anticipated from it.