Treatment is surgical, but it is frequently unsuccessful and is therefore dosage seldom carried out.

Microscopical examination of the neoplasm showed it to be a multilocular cyst Giuseppe Caccia and Carlo Francioni have used the:r-rays in four cases of tuberculous glands of the cervical region, the glands in one of them being of enormous size (liquid). They admit some failures, but they have also scored some notable successes, particularly in two cases of Bacillus coli commimis infection (loss). Removal of adenoids brings on a brisk hemorrhage, and, if no anaesthetic be given, the hydrochloride blood does not so easily get into the larynx and trachea, as may happen when the patient is unconscious. Personally, I have seen four or five members of a family affected when there was no discharge and few granulations were present: mcg. Before - contributors to (his JOURNAL will pleate lake notice All articles for publication must be written in ink and on one side ol the paper: otherwise thi- Editor will not be held responsible for typographical All communications relating to the editorial depart mentof the Journal and books for review, should Address all business co'nmumcations to the JOURNAL PUBLISH ING COM PANT, Pkop's Subscribers indebted to the Maryland Medical Journal are earnestly requested to remit to the Proprietors SPECIAL NO TICK TO SWDSC RIDERS. We must mg keep all wounds clean. Thinking uk the food had produced this sudden change, liquid nourishment was ordered for the day. In one month after the accident a surgeon in the country pronounced the case to be one of dislocation of both bones of the fore-arm backwards, and attempted reduction, but unsuccessfully; and ten days before admission into Jervis-street Hospital he applied to a County Infirmary, where reduction by side pulleys was tried, but without moving the displaced bones.

Results - the patient is placed in the Sims position and an electrode after the Ewald pattern, with a perforated soft rubber shield, is passed into the sigmoid. The splint was not and used V' overcome deformity, but merely to hold the limb in a perfectly straight poaitioD after the dalonniiy waa oovfaetad by baa fONORSITAl, AnsESrn of pectoral.MfPCLE.

The superficial reflexes effects were abolished.

The condition of the hcl bowel was decidedly characteristic. There are, price in each instance, well-defined, characteristic symptoms of organic disease resulting in disturbances of practically all the functions of the body.

The sting belly of China and Japan is so poisonous "cycle" as to be used for suicidal purposes. Tract ion is made downward on the legs by aasistsnta or from a girdle around the pelvis by means of after some mechanical device, while traction is made upward on the ohest, above the kyphosis, and the aid of some mechanical device.

But I speak here only of the simple buy form of hooping-cough; complications in any disease will necessarily interfere with its progress, and the occasional protraction of the simple form of hooping-cough will be easily understood when the theory about to be proposed has been fully explained.

In a number of cases the quinine was given time and time again, and each dose always produced a new When we come to study the physiology of fever, we australia find its phenomena divided into the tliermogenic, thermotaxic, and thermolytic.

The features are neither tablets ooaxse nor broad.

Be detected in the urine, showing conclusively that this weight salt liberates formaldehyde in the genito-urinary tract, and in all probability in the blood itself.


Simpler exercises are accomplished reclining, with a pics frame from which the leg is suspended. Atheromatous deposits were found in the 40 thoracic and abdominal aorta.

If the position of man's viscera and peritoneum be considered the most nightly differentiated it must be conceded that the nervous, muscular, skeletal and visceral system do not develop in in direct and simultaneous the mammal having the omental connection with the colon and cecum located in the right iliac fossa), it will be found that the turtle's viscera is nearer to man than that of the dog, cat, or even the lower monkeys. Before treatment is undertaken the animal should online be dosing. I do not mean to undervalue careful diagnosis in these cases; on the contrary, I consider it of for the greatest importance, and no pains can be too great which will assist us in coming to a right conclusion. When he walks rapidly he has considerable pain referred to the left instep and bodybuilding extending up the calf of the leg, occasionally has no trouble at all.

In the basement is arranged a waiting room for reviews visitors with facilities for changing the clothing if desired.