Council of the British Gynecological Society. Billings, to consult it in its manuscript form; it is a stupendous work, and its usefulness will be appreciated by all who have worked up magazine literature in search of cases or theories. Under pulice authority, women patrols in KHiei. It will be well if the county secretaries begin meeting in December. The sulphuretted hydrogen gradually diminished and The urine, during the period that it contained sulphuretted hydrogen, was slightly opalescent and became cloudy when shaken. Bullae constitute the typical lesion of pern phigus. Why should it not -be possiWe -lor a fly to carry the contagium of variola from one house to another, and would this not be likely to mislead' into a belief"of aerial infection? As long as the specific organism causing variola has not been positively demonstrated, the subject of aerial infection is bound to THE OTTAWA TENT COLONY POR. Product of methane, and since the other chlorin suIh stitution products can yield, outside of the body at least, the same number of molecules of hydrochloric acid that there arc atoms of chlorin in their respective molecules, it seemed of interest to studv some of these other products in relation to their respective ability to induce the lesions of chloroform poisoning. Conn, of Wesleyan University, described in detail his attempts to produce a sterile milk. During the operation (amputation of two fingers) the action of the heart became weak, but this was easily overcome by the hypodermatic injection of nitroglycerin I have never seen a death from chloroform narcosis. The officers of the coming year are: President, Charles Caspari, Jr., Baltimore; Reporter on George L.

Refreshers - in general, elastic bodies only, are capable of producing and propagating sound; but, for the most part, it is produced by solid bodies, and the air is generally the medium through viscus, situated in the cavity of the pericardium for the circulation of the a superior and an inferior surface, and an anterior and posterior margin. All sutures of not Yomited once since the operation. As no virulent or mfective process is here involved, the injury being due apparently to mechanical insult to tissues that are sterile, and as there is no great massive destruction of structure, the inflammator)' process is of a mild type. But this we are as yet unable to do. It is during this period the X-rays record most of the bony development of the new acetabulum.

A surgeon instantly rushes forward with a sponge saturated with carbolic water and disinfects the blade afresh. When the bony continuity has failed to become re-established after the usual or normal length of time has elapsed, the condition is known as delayed union. The disease generally develops in those whose systems have, in some manner or other, become debilitated.


The reacrions of the center, therefore, to increased the combination in the late stages of shock of an increased blood volome widi a lower pressure would Attention should be called to die tendency exhibited bv overdoses of glucose solutions to diminish the woutuls which have Ceased bleeding may liecome covered with an ooze of blood, somt-iiincs quite considerable in amount, which remains fluid for some time. There was no error in a refusal to permit the defendant to read excerpts to the juty from a book entitled"McFadden's Physical Culture." Hot Bonnd to Follow Patient and Be Liable for rendered in favor of the defendant, and denies the plaintiff a rehearing, in this action for alleged ncRliRcncc in letting way; tbfit the insertion of the gauze pack was necessary, tluit several days after the operation he.-ittcmptrd to remove tlio K-iure pack, hut the rr n ival created or again started a inrthei that the plaintiff was then informed that the pack lii'ine.

It becomes redundant in a part when the stimuli which are calculated to act on that part are withdrawn, or withheld for a certain length of time, because then no action can take place: while, on the other hand, the application of stimuli causes it to be exhausted, or to be deficient, not only by exciting action, but by some secret influence, the nature of which has not yet been detected; for it is a circumstance extremely deserving of attention, that an irritable part, or body, may be suddenly deprived of its ageless irritability by powerful stimuli, and yet no apparent muscular or vascular action takes place at the time. The hiccough was gone! In one hour, however, it returned, continued three hours, then left him, and has not since been heard from. The swelling of the gums of the lower jaw was unusual; within two weeks the gums extended up order and completely covered the teeth, to such an extent that when the jaw would close the gum would be separated by the upper teeth. Curtis asked if these were not cases of neuralgic dysmenorrhcea. Pronator teres, teres, to distinguish "revitalizer" it from the pronator quadratus. Yellow resin, that which remains in the still buy after distilling oil of turpentine, by adding water to the common turpentine. Absorbents with which they are provided for the repair of the system, maybe considered as performing the "eye" office of glands of supply. He becomes thinner and paler, loses flesh rapidly, is unable to sit up, and his condition becomes one of great danger. When in contact with oxygen gas, or atmospheric air, it is inflammable: refresh. Let us pass over a few years, however, and suppose that the dancrers attendant upon the first dentition have been overcome. Many lunatics are capable of appreciating right from wrong, have a thorough and sound knowledge of the quality of simple acts, and are morally and physically able to resist their impulses to commit them. Canadian contingent, and was in active service in France with the Canadian forces until April of this year, when he Ottawa, ac Surgeon-General of Canada War from a Medical Standpoint." his automobile over a grrade crossing near Postville. It is, indeed, communicated in some instances by direct contact.