The defects which arise from the use of a single morphological characteristic have been recognized in systematic classification, so that here, where the investigator must deal especially with the complexity shown by determining factors, the giving prominence to one factor alone will enable him to illumine only a small portion of the field and will give him but imperfect In the determination of both large and small divisions the naturalist is ever haunted by the same questions: for which forms of vegetation, as well as for their union into formations, is each district best adapted, and by what vital conditions does it differ from neighboring It is strange that until now the ecological branch of animal geography has almost neglected this, to me, most interesting side of the question.

In some cases the valves present simply a few opaque, buff-coloured (atheromatous) patches; usually accompanied by contraction, and often by fatty or calcareoos deposit; in some cases they are rendered thick, nodulated, and irregular, from the accumulation of combined fibroid, fatty, and calcareous deposit, the orifices to which they belong, become blended to a greater or less extent with one another at their bases, and reduce the valvular aperture to a mere chink; in some cases, again, the degenerate tissue undergoes erosion, excavations form, and finally perhaps the valve gets perforated or ruptured. C; to fill vacanmy Meeting of the Council The secretary announced that in usual rotation the next meeting would be held in North Carolina.


They must be properly interpreted in relation to the history and other findings. The fact that the family physician is looked to for advice along many lines of medicine makes him tend to a better balanced view of disease than a specialist, who is more or less narrowed by seeing troubles from one viewpoint. It seems to be deposited in a very fine, transparent, soft, spongy tissue, like that enclosing the buy melanoid matter in the serous melanotic tumours just described. Of other means which have been tried in this form of obstruction, notice will be taken in the sequel, as being equally appropriate to suppression, as to absence, retardation, or deficiency of the reference to the pathological states of where each case. Mucous tubercles are roundish, oval, or irregular congested tabular elevations, not fibrous, warty, or villous, but uniform in texture and soft, with a tendency to be covered with a greyish or yellowish film, to exude abundant moisture, and to secrete pus, or undergo ulceration. In Graves' disease the rapid flow of blood through the gland may assist in keeping the latter relatively empty. They are mainly vomiting, bronchial inflammation, pnlmonary collapse, lobular pneumonia, and emphysema, together with epileptiform convulsions and other forms of head-mischief. The eentrifugalized specimen should be examined, and at the same time, by allowing a definite quantity of urine to stand a certain time, we learn something regarding the degree of infection, and the effect of any treatment we are employing may be roughly judged by the depth of this sediment. In these cases, the patient loses her complexion, becomes pale, reviews delicate, and thin.

As a rule, it is doubtless unnecessary; but if employed it should be employed early, wid preferably effected by the application of leeches to the tender regions of the abdomen. For floristic purposes the attempt was made, by means of the clear and simple methods used originally in experimental physiology, to correlate organs with the physiological factors of the While these new tendencies, developed from morphology and physiology, which to-day form the closest connection between the organic and the inorganic worlds, were advancing and the vast amount of material already collected was being worked over, a special branch of science had arisen, namely, the biology of the flower, which, instigated by Darwin's work upon the mutual relations existing between different organisms, set aside the ancient opinion that zoology and botany could proceed side by side with absolute disregard of their dependence upon one another. The symptoms indeed, both at the onset and for some time (sometimes throughout the whole coarse of the disease), have a marked resemblance to those of enteric fever with pulmonary complication. Theories of the origin of the chordata, for example, are, several of them, almost wholly wanting in any serious attempt to find how one of the very most characteristic things in the chordate type of organization, viz., the axial skeleton, arose. Asthenopia may be defined as a condition of the eye in which it cannot be used continuously for near vision, even in the best light, the patient sees with ease and distinctness. This is an extremely unwise plan of action. If patients desire a change, moderate elevation, pure cool air, and freedom from high winds should be sought.

When the to vagina cannot be perforated, as in M. Upon examination of the region of the liver by percussion, the sphere of dulness c20 will be found extended, particularly toward the right thoracic cavity. Before this woman was regarded simply as an instrument of procreation, or a mistress of the household to gratify the polygamous, for from effects their earliest traditions we learn, although a man could have but one wife, he was permitted to have as many concubines as he desired.

But if you go out to mingle with other society, and leave your wife at nome alone, or with the children and servants, know that there is no good in store for you (side). A clear understanding of the tangled web of statistical, climatic, racial, bacteriologic, and hygienic questions that environ this urgent problem of public hygiene is likely to come only through renewed investigation of the phenomena.

Nay, it seems to leave c2000 an impress even upon the countenance. Or Register to be kept for that purpose at the Hall of the said College, or such other place for the time being as the said Council shall direct; and such Book or Register of Fellows, at such times and subject to such reasonable and proper Regulations as the Council for the time being shall think fit and direct, shall be open to the inspection of any Member of the said College (whether Fellow or not), at the Hall of the said College, or Boxr wniority other place appointed for the time being for the custody of the same. His physical manhood, as well as his soul, s dear to the heart of his wife, because through this he can give the fullest expression of his manly power. The affected part, which is mostly in the small intestine, and may vary in length from an inch or two to two or three feet, is as a rule much dilated.