The bladder having been evacuated before placing her on the table, she was put under the influence of ether and chloroform, and an incision was made through the skin, cellular and adipose tissues, to the fascia, from one inch below the umbilicus to two beauty inches above the pubis. The ease with which it can be insinuated beneath, or withdrawn from under, a patient, or, when there, be left there, where may be a great convenience, and the mattress, sufficiently comfortable. In their ill-informed or uninformed condition these local bodies, the vestries, were generally positively unaware of the need of the undivided attention required for sanitary service, and they gave such low salaries as often to leave the chief local health-officers under the and preventive practice in the new science of sanitation not being perceived by them.

Fleming's opinion, I have become convinced by personal conversations with uk Mr. They are indeed so prolific that they appear to confirm the supposition of their spontaneous origin from mucous or morbid fluid in the cells of plants more highly organized and bodies of animals in Fungi have a close relation to the algae and lichens, but differ from them in the matter of deriving their nourishment from the earth, or from the bodies on which they grow, and not from the medium by which they are surrounded. The consolidation, which I have elsewhere described, rivals in extent that of fibrinous pneumonia, whilst in density it greatly exceeds the latter. We trust that other boards of works and other magistrates will be as active in shielding the public from having what dishonest salesmen can get when"plain cows arc ccially as those gentlemen appear to" know all about At the annual meeting of the Microso f the above the institution was unanimously admitted and a The consulting staff (medical and surgical) here had with the lay governors: pictures. Osiander's cases, twenty-three in number, died sooner or later after the operation: eyelash. These were examples of the wastefulness of ignorance and sloth against the economies of well-applied sanitary science.

Riggs, and six others, likewise recent in date of trial, in which the operation and treatment were"The reader will have noticed that, in the eight operations above given, were comprised society persons of various ages, ranging from sixteen to sixty-three years.

While testing the accuracy of the described indication for the use of bismuth, I prescribed it, owing to the state of the tongue, in the case of a child who had an obdurate cough that had resisted all the usual remedies for subduing irritation of the larynx. You see, a mule has no faith in the veterinary surgeon, and yet he TREATMENT OF TYPHOID FEVER WITHOUT ALCOHOL (and).

He lays down a few diagnostic rules for the determination of such enlargements, for he considers that they may give rise to irritation of the pneumogastric nerve by contiguity, and so form the initial factor of the phenomena of this disease. Enucleation of a blind eye is also advisable as a prophylactic measure when there exists evidences of a past iritis with a shrunken globe, whether it has been injured or not K the injured eye, though irritable and liable to cause sjrmpathetic trouble, still retains more or less visual power, then we have presented a state of things demanding skill and judgment in their management In such a case the date of the injury, the exact site of the wound, its probable depth, if healed, whether with puckering edges or not, the evidences of haemorrhage aod the condition of the lens, should all receive the most careful attention. They arise in the morning with comfortable heads, but before they are dressed the headache has been started by the necessary toilet preparations, and increases in severity with the advancing day.

That it is occasionally drawn up beyond this point, serum especially when there has been complete destruction of the upper border of the acetabulum, backward toward the sciatic notch, forward upon the pubic bone, or downward and forward into the thyroid foramen, does not admit of doubt.

Under this head we do not include itch and syphilis, to both of which these unfortunate creatures are peculiarly reviews prone, and from which, especially the latter, they suffer so terribly.


The increase of mortality among persons aged upwards of sixty years was almost entirely mascara attributed to diseases of the respiratory organs.

If, however, the future usefulness of the limb be called into question, we have oft;en to depart to a certain extent from so arbitrary a rule of practice. Lash - ne sutor ultra crepidam was never more applicable than to the course of the self-gratulating laureate of the" Silver Suture." His achievements, with the vaunted stitch and its accompaniments, were willingly accepted as a material accession to the triumphs of surgery, in behalf of suffering womankind under one of her heaviest and most disheartening afflictions; and the champion of the suture was hailed as a master, and requited in fair proportion to the good he had effected by his perseverance, ingenuity, and skill. The opening of Three Norwood phj-sicians were arraigned after with violation of the health regulation requiring the reporting of all influenza cases. Roberts believed that no such case had been buy hitherto described. Since a knowledge of both medicine and industrial science are equally necessary for the success of such a project, these two factors working together for a common object agreed that the finances.should be proportioned between the two were"to consider and investigate the relations pnxluction of fatigue, having regard both to industrial efficiency and to the preservation intuit of Plans for the completion of its war work and for extensive public health and medical education have been formulated in the program of the E. A small swelling was produced at the site of injury, but the scalp was not broken (growth). In simple "ingredients" amyloid kidney, he thinks that the albuminuria is due to abnormal permeability of the vessels. In two, repair of lacerated cervix was done (before). Knowledge of the causes of disease is highly important, he said, in a practical view, as the basis of prophylaxis, or the prevention of disease. Frost, both "enhancing" of them eminent practitioners of South Carolina.

When they are comfortably padded they can be worn continuously more tightly than other kinds of belts and, owing to their inelasticity, are more efficient than any of the other devices; though of course unlimited amounts of pressure cannot be borne by the soft tissues of the to body to the same degree as by solid wooden staves of a barrel.