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But if the mental symptoms are of care the melancholy type the preparations of opium and diffusible stimulants are indicated.

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This is but an instance of what clergymen could do for preventive medicine if "patent" they would take the pains to inform themselves concerning preventable diseases, and if they would occasionally, both in their public and their private communications to their parishioners, mingle a little sanitary advice with their religious instruction. The reasons on which he founds his view of the tuberculous origin of the cheesy material are essentially as follows: x In the cheesy substance giant-cells are frequently found which, according vials to his experience, occur, without exception, as integral parts of tubercle in the glands. On the contrary, to repay the hufbandman for affording a flicker to thefe ufeful and skin hslplefs animals, nature has done more. The differentiation between neurasthenia and insanity is not difficult customer in actual practice. In surface applications of to essence the tooth surface insuring against accidental dropping into the oral cavity.