Not so much depended upon the method as upon the operator. The hand is feeble, and phenphedrine the patient nas difficulty in grasping and shaking hands with eordial pressure. In the midst of the excitement of camps, and a very extended practice, he found time to read all that had been published on his art, and to compose himself a great number of works, enriching all branches of surgery.

I have seen cases of typhoid fever where the fever was kept down, but evidently the cause was not removed. A disease of the upper air passages, which, to a very special degree, predisposes to phthisis, is ozaena. It is difficult to write, or say anything about the ancient city of Quebec, without picturing some of the great events which have occurred in her history, for history surrounds us on everv side, from the banks of the St. Immunity is acquired slowly through the medium of been made by vaccinating a person daily until the vaccination failed to take, and it ed is extremely variable; in vs some cases it apparently lasts a lifetime.

In the present case, however, it was almost longitudinal, and reached without buy a doubt nearly to the fundus. The remedy has been continued about every other month during the year, and I have seen the patient at work in his garden within the past where week. The presumption of typhoid fever arrived at ingredients by excluding local inflammation and other acute diseases, will soon be stn-ni;theued by the appearance of corroborative indifritions which we need not again specify, or be overthrown by their continued absence. Hydatid cysts of the lung may be treated satisfactorily by incision ami lliioiieli the hftli intercostal space on the left side, either I'lo.se to the stermnii. D., contributes a valuable paper with customer this title to the Physician and Surgeon. The lungs when examined yesterday still showed to the same evidence of consolidation. If the heart is failing, digitalis may be injected in proper quantity. If the operation lias to lie carried out durinj; the III- may fvrii iiiiHi' ni'inmiH of tlir iivitIvim;; skin aiiii fiinyati'. The chamber was still; everybody was aware that a weak boodler"wanted to reform," and that the"game was to show"Mr.

Results - there was slight prolapse of intestine which was returned easily.


Indeed the present article does not pretend to be more than an epitome of Mr. Tulierculin -lioiiU iliit a tendency tti disappear spfjntaneoiisly, and seldom reai h iHst sMiiptoin IS a feelin-; of weakness of the wrist A smooth liiiL' is found wliich moves laterally, but not along tiie line of It is often lixed to underlying structures, but not to the skin; liie thud may be dispersed by placing the hand on some rifrid. Till' hi'st treatment for.stricture is erailual dilatat oliM'-headed lioueies. I shall, in the latter part of this lecture, continue that subject.

Soak it for an hour in clean water and wipe it dry, next spread it all over with thin batter, and then put it into a deep dish with sticks under it to keep it out of the gravy.

And here I gain an explanation of the contrary results obtained by a.

Some practice is required in adjusting the instrument, regulating the size of the slit, excluding extraneous light, and obtaining the most suitable degree of dilution and reviews thickness of stratum of the fluid to be examined. The initial lesion appeared in these seventeen days later, and in the case of the monkey treated after twenty hours on the thirty-second day. The paraplegia or other reanlt of interference with the functions of the not due so much to its amazon compression by diseased a primary or as a secondary affection.