In admissions careful about the following points: The examination of the head for injury or fracture; the urine should be tested warehouse for albumen and examined for sugar; a careful examination should be made of the limbs with reference to their degree of relaxation or the presence of rigidity, and the condition of the reflexes; the state of the pupils should be noted and the temperature taken. Review - if collapse was lacking or slightly marked it was on account of gradual internal hemorrhage when on examination the cul-de-sac would show a progressive bulging. When it has been determined by exploratory puncture that tlie fluid is purulent, aspiration should not he patch performed, except as preliminary to operation or as a temporary measure. On the other hand, the uterus, vagina, vas deferens, seminal "fortify" vesicles, and external genital organs are coutraeted.

Through radium, rest and dietary meas In all of our toxic cases we have ap- ures has far exceeded the improvement plied radium and taken frequent meta- in a similar series of cases treated by bolism estimates with the results that other methods such as were employed frequent observations have led us to before the advent of radium, place a good bit of confidence in the Along with this frank expression of ability of radium in proper dosage to re- doubt as to the full value of radium in duce the metabolism rate in hyperthy- these cases, I would like to remark upon roidism more quickly than any other another observation of doubtful nature method that we have been able chemist to em- which we have made while using radium ploy. It contains more English and Latin major headings than any other medical dictionary j)rintBd in English or Latin, more French ones than any printed in French, and more German ones than any printed in German, all arranged in a The sub-headings arc usually arranged under the fundamental word, making it much more encyclopaedic in character than if the common custom had been This work will be completed in Four Volumes, and is sold by Subscription only: air.

One is not obliged to go as as far as to say,"Beauty is Truth, Truth Beauty," in order to acknowledge the fact that physical charms are not to be despised, and when possessed should be preserved as long as possible (wrap).

Dash hot or cold water or ether upon the chest or epigastrium; or use the faradic battery to.Htimnlate respiration V)y moving the electrodes over the chest and abdomen (to).


Mary's Hospital on tropical diseases, on which he was a recognized authority, and on which he contributed to the societies and journals, one of his most interesting papers being on the"Remote Ef"Stricture Followed by Rupture of the Urethra." He saw hcl fifteen years' service in India and three in the Mediteranean. " A Medical SrPERixTEXDENT is wanted at Colney Hatch Asylum." Such was the tenour of an advertisement which a few weeks ago appeared upon the cover of this Journal; and although an election has taken place, and a Medical gentleman wUl shortly be inducted into the vacant office, we repeat here the annotmcement that a Medical Superintendent is wanted at the Lunatic Asylum at Colney Hatch. A question of some interest is whether choreic spasms extend to the muscles activated of organic life. The author reports a case of one of the rarer localizations, viz., at the inner "chondroitin" surface of the lips. Treatment which mitigates the severity of the primary and secondary reactions without may predispose priceline to involvement of those more highly resistant tissues such as Thus we may use the term accurately when we speak of prophylactic treatment of neurosyphilis. With two hundred_ and seventy-five Colored gc Illustrations. Emery states that in some cases, where the mercurial treatment is vigorously used, where large doses of calomel or biniodide of mercury are given, the mercurial treatment compares very favorably with that of Ehrlich so far as rapidity of action is concerned: glucosamine. The fever took its regular course. Where - arnolt, Heury, G Nottingham-place, W Name and Residence. Sinus a fine trocar and cannrla are gel used, and the puncture made in the inferior meatus, close under the attachment of the inferior turbinal. ('AfcrKoXofBia, a sentence in wLiih the construction changes aud so reviews for the refresliing or recreating of the convalescent after sickness. It may lie flat on the floor, or it may be bent so as to form a seat: plus. The different regions must not be regarded as sharply separated from, but as blending with each other: body. Purgative effect by its mechanical actiou in lubricating the bowels buy aud their couteiits. If it looks like diphtheria give antitoxin first capsules and then take a culture. Also nine months' attendance on some general Hospital in Dublin, approved by the Board, in which tablets clinical instruction in Medicine and Surgery is delivered. The bronchial tubes may be narrowed by the pressure of the glands, and impediment to the entrance of air into the lungs be the consequence; hence will follow still greater atrophy of the lung than is proper to the patient from the tuberculosis.

For the distressing attacks of heat palpitation which occur with neurasthenia, particularly in women, a rigid Weir-lMitchell course is the most satisfactory.