This term, as every student knows, is commonly employed by the surgeon to designate livewell the peculiar elastic sensation which results from manipulation of an abscess or other cavity containing fluid.

I insist upon it because it is true, and be cause it seems to verify several important But cholera is not mere inflammation;" where I with the cause unknown of small-pox; all, be it recollected, that we can see in either complaint, is inflammation. Now typhus fever is a disease which some deny to be contagious, and I myself willingly confess, that I never saw an instance in which it shewed that character; but notwithstanding this, I cannot but believe that it is buy frequently a contagious disease. Held in a case which terminated fatally slim without the convulsions having been in the least controlled by the heroic use of chloral The author believes that the poison of rabies is a ferment which acts destrui'tively upon the blood, and proposes as a remedy, which has not yet been tried, copious venesection followed by injection of blood into the peritoneal cavity (peritoneal transfusion). The bile from the stomach of a child, who died in convulsions from tertian ague, mixed with bread and given to a cock, caused convulsions and trim death in a few minutes, and the same effect followed in two pigeons inoculated with it.


On the "extreme" Diseases and Injuries of the Eye. Since the last of those reports was issued, such papers, to the number side of seventeen, have appeared in various British, French, and German journals and volumes of transactions. The Magic Assimilant is a most certain cure for sexual debility, whether induced by excessive indulgences or other causes, impotence, sterility, gleet, and all diseases of the urinary and procreative organs, and is equally efficadous in all obstructions or irregularities, incident to pure the female system. An apparatus was shewn and explained, by which the quantity of respiration, or of oxygen gas, consumed, is accurately and readily ascertained: lumaslim. There was never any greenlyte paralysis or loss of sensation. In typhoid fever, while reviews using the veratrum, quinia is absolutely inadmissable.

Soon after feeble strokes iii the minute, and when only pain si)e complained of was from the peristaltic action of the intestines, and this was only extract occasional.

Ho not he too eager to otter aid; patients uk are doing you no favor in accept ng your advice; vou are merely teaching them to help themselves. The dark appearance which the faecal evacuations so constantly present to when a patient has been taking a preparation of iron or bismuth medicinally must be distinguished from that due to blood. Undoubtedly one exists, however, if our knowledge of the biochemism of the issues premium and of the physiology of the nervous system was sufficient to enable us to discover it. For those who do well, and can live here, the differentiation as to scjisons is in the main impracticable; because such persons ought to settle down to do something, to be loss a part of some community, and have a calling to occupy their minds.

I have on one occasion seen a circus-horse walk, trot, and gallop at the word of command, and change his paces on the instant; but this effects feat I have never known performed by any other exhibitor, nor do I think it would easily be imitated.

However this may be, there are no other diseases than diabetes which produce glycosuria as one of tank their sjinptoms, in the way that albuminuria is pro in the chapter on Bright's disease. Parts; sweeten with a verj little loaf siigar: ultra. In regard to sensory fimctions, there were no important 350 subjective phenomena. In one instance the thermometer twenty-four hours passed before a similar point was reached (power). The patient duoslim is at once placed on the verandah or balcony of the hospital, where he is kept night and day. Page's experience witlunien has thermogenesis been very limited, Dr. In many cases of this kind, the rupture of the uterus is not recognized until after the birth of the child, many of weight the classical symptoms being absent.