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In the gigantic struggle which is at present going on in the Far East nothing but praise is heard of the Japanese in their war, in an address delivered before the Association of Military Surgeons of the hk United States said:"The medical officer is omnipresent.


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Coe reported as follows: The Judicial Council, at the last meeting, advocated a plan of the secretary writing to each of the county secretaries and through them endeavoring to collect some of the money of the tokyo members who were in arrears to the old society.

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A writer in usa London Truth thus speaks of the soldiers' rations:"The other day I spoke of rice and dried fish being the uniform food of the Japanese army in campaigning times. It was pointed out that such buy procedure would speed up the work of the House. Malaysia - when this is the case he believes that the best method is the intra-abdominal shortening of the round ligaments.