I could not understand what I 1102 had been told. If bleeding occur from any part where a bone lies near the surface, as the head or' face, it may generally be stopped by pressing firmly against the bone with a finger, or a piece of cork, or by binding on tightly a hard pad (order).

Ureter and renal vessels ligatured separately. It is a still more rai-e dxf gift to know how to nurse them when sick. A judgment, affecting injuriously the character, liberty or life of an accused man, written by an irresponsible newspaper-scribe, who shows l)yhis writing that he has neither scientific attainment nor a sense of justice, would be considered by a truly educated public opinion as an offence not only against intelligence, but, what is far worse, against conscience. It is much used as a remedy in syphilis, particularly in the secondary stage, in which, in many cases, it does much good: files.


Combine the two solutions with three volumes 1305 of the vehicle. A Senior and Junior Obstetric House Physician are selected every three months. Natural - the results were particularly disastrous to him, for though he is now hair on the face, the genitals are undeveloped or rather atrop'nied, and he is in other respects quite a child. The wound on the outside was enlarged, and the brachial tied above and below the wounded point.

He quoted a fatal case described by Stokvis, also occurring in a woman after the use of sulphonal. Although the number of cases is small, the author feels justified in concluding that suprapubic cystotomy is an operation which may be performed on children with good results; that one ought in these cases to adopt complete suture of the bladder, provided that viseus be in a healthy condition; in chronic dynamix cystitis, renal mischief, and vesical hasmoirhage the author would not sew up the bladder. All these were from accidents too palpable to be ascribed to the simple disease: au. However, everyone who does medical literary work understands the loss of time involved in looking up references, even with the aid of our splendid SurgeonGeneral's Index-Catalog and the Index Medicus. ! bone, if it be transiarity discovered by grasping the limb at file the knee and pulling steadily and strongly till the limb is of the proper length, and the ends of the bone are in their place. CoNYERS, So you have a special assignment of duties that are separate from his, since he is over that entire area? Ms, FiTES, No, It is not separate, I perform the integrative function across the three metre assistant Secretaries that work for him: Force Management Reserve Affairs, and Health Affairs.

T the more active rking in the garmind that great A dx large properinability to sleep. Who, having in the meanwhile had several healthy children, fifteen years after acquiring syphilis gave birth, between the sixth and seventh month of pregnancy, to a stillborn child that was the subject of a wellmarked bullous syphilide. Qu.viN said that this was not tlie first time that the cattle plague had been said to resemble small-pox.

The bacillus is facultative anaerobic; it does not cause fermentation of sugar, and it does not coagulate milk. I have had two cases of a small cyst in Douglas's pouch in which violent inflammation followed the use of the aspirator, putting my patient's life in jeopardy, but fortunately ending in obliteration of the sac. S., Green, buy a purulent softening of nervous matter. Franklin's rule to always leave the table with an appetite is one full of wisdom for these cases. One of the specimens which I presented to this Society at its last meeting was of this description, though less marked; and it had attained a size of thirty pounds in nine months. Journal of the American Medical Association.

No change was produced in the temperature except in one case in which universal a scarlatiniiorm rash appeared. AVe know that advantages are conferred on Medical officers merely when necessity comiiels the authorities to do something to procure candidates; therefore, it vacancies can be filled up without the concession of the iirivileges and advantages which the sanguine anticipate, then may we assuredly bid adieu to all hope of improvement.