When the full effects of curarin are obtained, that is, when the protoplasm is saturated, the nerve endings are completely paralysed, but the muscle itself is unaffected: blast.

The cartilage of the great trochanter was not removed. By vacc-ine therapy the area of sensitization is greatly extended and the amount of lytic agent formed and made available is greatly increased. By observing cases like this one is tempted to agree with Rokitansky, who believes that medullary carcinomata originate in the submucous connective tissue, and from there extend into the mucosa, down among the muscle-bundles, and into the serosa.

We may remark, however, en passant, that in opening the trachea we insert two tenacula, one each side of the site of incision. THE HUMANITARIAN ASPECT OF SCIENTIFIC Evening Address Before The Medical Association of Alabama, According to any genuine test of efficiency, any institution, organization, or profession justifies its existence exactly in ratio to its willingness and ability to render service to humanity. While still in the bulb it begins to swing out to the surface and in the crus and lobe it lies mainly along the lateral border of the hemisphere. If the bowel movements are offensive, small doses of gray powder are beneficial. As before, the slightest traumatism causes subcutaneous hemorrhage, which is likely to lead to superficial death of the included skin.

HuLKE said the tumour in Middlesex Hospital was twice as large as tliis. Tenesmus troubled young persons of a phlegmatic temperament (cruise). To prevent these drainage-tubes from slipping in or out of the cavity we recommend the use of a disinfected safety-pin passed through the peripheral ends of the tube. Twice reluxation was obtained, but gait was much improved. On the sixth, in the same state: and. De Bechterew has never seen a case of blasters epilepsy absolutely refractory to thia explains the result by the constrictive action of adonis vemaUs on the capillaries in goieral and the cerebral capillaries in particular. The case seemed to be one of laborious digestion, arising from debility of the secreting apparatus of the stomach. Of the earlier attempts at transplantation those of W. It is important to note that compensation is estabhshed after the valvular defect has been completed, and that the compensating heart is capable of maintaining its share in the work of the circulation, with some reserve power to spare, though less than the normal heart possesses.

Indeed, the book is made up of concrete statements calculated to guide the surgeon in just those instances when he finds little that is of value in the general works or when he cannot risk the patient's life, while he delays for hours in rummaging through a library, even if he be so fortunate as to possess one. This writer concludes that in central Europe, given the usual diseases with, which the practitioneir has ordinarily to deal, a positive Wasserauum should be regarded as a sure sign, of syphilis. During foetal life it is cal-de-sao of the latter.

When we come to consider the pathological lesions of the peritoneum in their relation to treatment, which is usually combined with the treatment of the causative lesion, it must be borne in mind that many of the manifestations of peritonitis are in the nature of defensive processes on the part of the organism to limit and overcome the infection. Bureau of Construction and Repair, and requisitions pertaining to these articles should be "order" drawn accordingly. Usually, however, the defect is much less extensive, and it is commonly situated on the left by studies in comparative anatomy that this area is developmentally the last portion of the diaphragm to be closed, and he found that small defects invariably occur in this situation.

Besides this, the separation of the organs in question from the uterus has to be effected in the dark, while in the vaginal extirpation this part of the field of operation is much more easily (c) The safe removal of all the carcinomatous tissue, which, as most uterine carcinomata originate in or near the vaginal portion, and sometimes appear as isolated nodules involving the vaginal mucous membrane in one or both lacunae, can be effected with almost entire certainty through the vagina only, where the whole of the field of operation is open to view; while by the abdominal operation the removal of the vaginal portion is performed entirely in the dark, guided only by the digital The character of the malignant growth which is to be extirpated through the vagina will, as above stated, be most frequently a carcinoma, more rarely a sarcoma, and, even more rarely, as in Czerny's case, an adenoma of the mucous membrane, originating in a fibromyxomyoma of When one of these malignant growths has originated in the cervix and involves part of the fundus, or has originated in the fundus and extended from there to the neck, and the fundus is not enlarged above a size that will permit of a complete version of the organ through the anterior or posterior lacuna into the vagina, the operation is indicated.

On the twentieth, slight chills, and buy immediately afterwards was warm; slight incoherence; no sleep; with regard to the bowels, in the which, as I have been informed by an intelligent physician who practiced for several years in the Ionian Islands, are so common in the climate of Greece. It must be used in greater abundance than is common, and an affusion of a considerable quantity of water is to made at the reviews same time and afterwards repeated.

Thompson maintains that enlargement of the prostate is not a simple muscular hypertrophy from overaction.


As regards the curve of erysipelas, its most marked feature is its close resemblance, almost amounting to identity, to the curve of puerperal fever.

In our enthusiasm for newer methods of treatment it should not be forgotten that in every case of tabes a considerable amount of accessory treatment is required. The sections through were somewhat fragmentary and of value only in establishing that the experimental incision had severed the filum terminale the sections are, for the most part, very thick and Reissner's fiber can be but doubtfully distinguished.