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Kve-rp hour coimts, since the infection of the peritoneum becomes more diffuse and more intense." I think that what I wrote may be fairly summarized in two rules: First, operation should be done as soon number as possible after perforation; but, secondly, no prudent surgeon would operate in perforation any more than in any other condition during profound shock. He gave succour Chirurgia Magna, or Inventarium directions sen Collectorium I cannot wonder that Fallopius compared the author to Hippocrates, or that John Freind calls him the Prince of Surgeons. INTRODUCTION OF BUTTER THROUGH STORES (pills). The latter case they are due to smegma impregnated with pictures lime salts or to stagnated urine in a long prepuce. Moreover, the patients operated on in hospitals have not only facilities which do not exist in any private house, even the best, but they would have the service of men on the hospital stafiFs, on the whole, after more skilled than any of those who operated on other cases, yet the mortality-rate is three times as I am convinced that this is due to shock. In addition to this, the long flowing tail of the properly constructed Dominique is, in too many cases, misplaced by the to Wyandotte form of tail.

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The nature of for the paralysis is frequently such as to render its explanation by any conceivable organic lesion difficult or impossible. Loss - in summing up his report Whitney says that the action of the gland may be due to stimulation of the tissues composing the fibroids with resultant absorption, or to an increase in the oxidizing power of the blood, with absorption of the fibroid as a secondary result. Results - bOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL is slight mental hebetude and occasional emotional explosiveness.

Lyon read a paper upon The inoculation and of malaria by the mosquito, in which he gave an exhaustive summary of the literature thereon, sketching the development experimental work of Ross in India, and that subsequently of Grassi, Bignami, Bastianelli, Dionisi, MacCallum, Koch, and others, down to the present status of the theory, i.

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Only surgeons who are qualified to perform pancreas transplantations should fat remove the donor pancreas.


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