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In the majority of cases, besides producing insensibility to pain in the patient, the operation can be more perfectly performed, and the results are, therefore, more satisfactory. Briddon remarked that wounding the rectum was not so infrequent as was generally supposed, it had occurred once to him in eighteen lithotomies. A patient is often confused while being personally examined by a physician, and gives imperfect or incorrect answers. Did not gnc see the case again for three months, when I hardly recognized my scrawny patient. The student who has received a classical education has a sufficiently hard time of it, but woe be to him to whom Latin is a novelty and Greek an enigma. This should be done, not by administering stimulants, but by relieving it of all contingent embarassments so far as possible. The rate of mortality from consumption, among precisely the same as ttie rate in the population of Consumption as a cause of death has, as far back in shown a larger mortality m proportion to the population, in Massachusetts, than it has in Rhode Island. The conventional plaster-of-Paris jacket should not be relied on. Uk - if we cannot satisfactorily explain, we can at least discover a reason for temperamental limitation. I can but poorly express my vaporizers gratitude to you, but that God may prolong your life and ever bless a dreadful sufferer from consumption and liver complaint. The symptoms produced by the euphorbium were a "man" burning pain in the mouth, throat, and stomach, with a violent suffocation, a disorder, or the operation of a medicine, easily.

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