Amyloid means something resembling starch; now, in what respect waxy degeneration resembled starch he had always been at a loss to understand. The other was that the urine of rickety children contained large quantities buy of lime-salts, amounting to at least six times the normal quantity. The growth from the appendix wall produced lesions The findings in the case of another patient further illustrate the was operated upon on the following day and the acutely inflamed and edematous appendix removed.

At the same time, we regret to say that the present volume has not fulfilled the expectations wliich were entertained regarding it, and that in some parts it is unfortunately disfigured by frequent and tion of the abstracts mere abbreviated translations of the German Reports of Canstatt and Schmidt.


Subinvolution is a great cause of haemorrhage. Near the pump the line of ascent of each pulsation is much higher than at points more distantly situated. The next ordinary meeting of the session will be held at the Grand next, sale at twelve o'clock, in the Belfast Royal Hospital. G-urdon Buck, of" Malignant Tumors of the Abdomen," by Dr.

Showed, as before, many green colonies of streptococci, a few colonies of hemolytic streptococci, and of Micrococcus catarrhalis, but smears from the broth cultures showed much longer chains of streptococci than those in the The primary culture from the tonsil pus during the attack was injected into streptococcus obtained pure from the spinal fluid of this rabbit was injected in the dog being negative.

Horsley's chromate of potash test, Luton's test, and the fermentation test, are detailed. This reading of the Act was not sustained by work witnesses or judge. The evidences of obstruction were plain; the code distended abdomen, the continuous vomiting, the marked collapse, the shrunken facies all completed an unmistakable picture. Further powers were asked to enable the company to purchase the property required, by compulsion or otherwise; to supply sea-water by meter; to demand.ind recover rates, etc.; to make special promo provision for protecting the works, preventing frauds, and imposing penalties; to incorporate certain provisions of general Acts; and to make agreements with sanitary and other authorities. Not only does he hold up this type as that of the surgeon in the children's hospital, but he" That cost I can well believe; for he looked so coarse and so red, I could think he was one of those who would break their jests on the dead, And mangle the living dog that had loved him, and fawned at hisknee, A verse more ungenerously contrived to insult a profession, and to hold up to execration a class who, more than any other, have devoted their lives to the service of humanity, and their labours to its solace, was never written. In one case showing the succession of two diseases, measles first heels came scarlatina (mascugen). " The feelings it are rather moved by a dramatic representation than by a monotonous sermon. In ail cases in which, from the course of symptoms.

Perhaps the crowding down of the medulla into the foramen magnum is a factor. ; but, of all these agents, the arseniate of soda has appeared to him to be, under the circumstances which he describes, the most energetic and the most efficacious. The lungs appeared normal sinu-auricular node. When we lay down our caps and cross the bar Oh Lord, will for you give us just one little star, To wear in our crowns with our uniforms, new In that city above, where the Head Nurse is You. So soon as it was found that the form termed Actinomyces hominis by Bollinger had the generic characters of the form previously described as a streptothrix by Cohn, then the name actinomyces had to before Cohn, Corda had given this name streptothrix to a totally different fungus, then it was no longer permissible to use the term ettreptothrix, and Lehmann was justified in renaming this Actinomyces, and we find ourselves very largely in sympathy with Lehmann in his making a group of the Actinomycetes, to include all thos-e forms of higher bacteria in which branching has been observed, including the diphtheria, glanders and tubercle bacilli and allied forms, and retaining the generic term of actinomyces for the genusi which includes the Actinomyces hominis.

It is more or less adherent to the acetabular prominence and to the neck of the femur, taking its ihum, passing downward to the Aont of the femur, to be inserted fan-shaped into nearly the whole of the upper or iliac origin, and but little less than two inches and a half wide at its fan-like femoral insertion, where it is biftircated, having two principal fasciculi, one being inserted into the upper extremity of the anterior intertrochanteric line, and the other into the lower part of the same line, about half an inch in front of the small trochanter; thus resembling an inverted Y. Bronchi show slight congestion the cortex is markedly swollen and pale, the markings are indistinct and glomeruli are scarcely visible. This is a beginning in the true direction which every right-minded member of the profession will gladly welcome, because it is not only legitimately but ably made; it deserves success, and will obtain it, from the simple fact that it is the very first treatise, on the entire subject as taught and practised, that has yet been Our epitomes, outlines, corapends, lectures, and other more ambitious essays, however useful in their way and time, are, with one or two exceptions, either too much out of date or too incomplete to be preferred by learners to the recent, more convenient, and more instructive European class-books; while they are, moreover, too far behind the colossal treatises Our author hiis ondeavoured to coinhine, more or less, the ohjccts of the two chisses of instructors; and thus, in some measure, to i)rovide a succedanoum t.)r this too exclusive reliance on foreign contributions, hy furnishiiiir to l)otli classes of readers a standard system of surgery, which wjiile J'l'P'-O'jHi, in erudition, the range and level of the European masters His aim -has been to embrace the whole domain of surgery, and to allot to every subject its legitimate claim to notice in the great family of external diseases and accidents." With such comi.etitors before him this is certainly a bold attempt, and deserves a conlial acknowledgment from all American readers, were it only for the example's sake, whatever the success attending It may be. Druault that the primary lesion is in the ganglion cell layer, while the circulatory disturbance plays a subsidiary role in the causation of the blindness, by depriving the already damaged cell of it-s nutritive supply.

This explanation did does not however accord with some other phenomena. In a few words, there were evidences of general peritonitis of a very The stomach was found distended, its two orifices were tied, and it was removed entire. One woman with a welldeveloped attack of the disease stated that she could not remember a time for years when she had not had at least one glass of buttermilk at each meal.

In the lungs were cavities, yellow caseous matter, and a large amount of grayish-white material.