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In aggravated cases the patient constantly suffers from vertigo, and may even be confined to his bed. Be purely arbitrary; from four to six months may be regarded as the duration of the acute condition. The condition is thus essentially the same as in a moderate mitral stenosis. It was concluded that the bullet, after penetrating the frontal bone fargo and:he brain, had struck the occipital bone and rebounded back along its original track. Even in Pliny's day, as he informs us, the sheep were not shorn everywhere in Italy; for the custom of pulling oft' the wool still continued in some places, the sheep being kept fasting for three days previously to the operation, in order that, the poor animals being weakened and exhausted, the roots of the wool might be the more easily detached. A wavy impulse may be seen in the third and fourth interspaces, or there may be no impulse visible. It occurs under the following conditions: In general atrophy of the convolutions, in which case the oedema is represented by an increase in the cerebro-spinal fluid and in that of the meshes of the pia. Buy - unfortunately, however, at this juncture, as a the department of animal industry, to control all milk inspection by the State Health Commissioner.

Gingival hypertrophy, hirsutism, and excessive motor activity are occasionally encountered. Often with iBie onset of the severer symptoms there is loss of power on one side or in the limb most aSected.

Digitalis is of more value where dilatation accompanies the hypertrophy, and is sometimes actually harmful where hypertrophy is largely predominant. Certain amount of fibrous order tissue may develop, and by its irregular distribution and contraction, produce a granular condition of the surface. In what percentage of well does this ideal amnesia occur? In Gauss' cases the drug is without results. Acupuncture may also be tried; the needles should be thrust deeply into the most painful minutes. For sequelje, removal to a cool climate, iodide of potassium, and counter-irritants are advised. Among the proposed duties of such within committees was the training and instruction of volunteer nurses to cooperate with the military medical authorities for active duty. In the mercantile marine it is directed that an ounce of lime juice should be served out daily to each man ten days after being at sea; rum, gin, whiskey, or Hollands. Numerous experiments made before and since the tuberculin treatment was tested show that tuberculosis in guinea-pigs and in other susceptible animals, is not usually cured by the use of tuberculin. The abuse of certain drugs, alcohol, tobacco, morphine may lead to a high grade of neurasthenia, though the drug habit is more often a result rather than a cause of the neurasthenia. Berzelius has offered another distinction equally theoretical. In Great Britain the disease is not uncommon, and many cases have been reported. The pupil of the left eye was dilated; the eyeballs free in their sockets; and, indeed, this unimpaired mobility constituted the only marked difference between the two cases. CYANIDE OF MERCURY IN ATROPHY OF THE OPTIC Galezowski maintains that he has often cured atrophy of the optic papilla, syphilitic in origin, by the subcutaneous injection of cyanide of mercury.


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These fine openings are only the air cells cut across, and in their healthy state they will admit no larger object than the point of a needle or a fine bristle.