In cases of lalior at term pituitary extract has its best effect toward the end of parturition.

The proposed co-efficients represent very nearly the actual average availability (or digestibility) of the nutrients of ordinary mixed diet, as will be seen in the It is important to bear in mind the essential fact brought out by these figures, namely, that only a portion of the materials ingested is actually made available or utilized in metabolism. A detail of all the cases reviewed would render this paper unnecessarily cumbersome; we have appended, however, "tanks" a list of some of the more important cases which In addition, we have included several cases which have hitherto been spoken of, not as Landry's, or acute ascending paralysis, but as acute anterior poliomyelitis. The effects of spasm may be reduced or removed by the excision of tendons, but the result cannot be the production of a normally balanced and coordinated musculature, but only a comparative cure. In such cases, says the writer, oedema of the glottis or erysipelatous buy pneumonia or broncho-pneumonia is to be feared. Fumigation was used, and the number falling on max the papers placed on into the pool. The indications for this method of extension, however, were very limited in the Bonn clinic. They require respectful attention and sensitive interpretation. One of the capsules was found ahuost entirely replaced by a few nodules of chalk; the other was small, waxy on section, and showed no trace of its originarl structure. The right weighed twenty-two grammes (fifty centigrammes); the left forty-eight grammes. One hundred and two bed community hospital located within one block from office. Hepatic distomatosis; remove the patient to a non-infected area or, if he be kept at home, avoid further infection and give good nourishing food. Lyme disease is a multi-system disorder with protein manifestations in which the link between ticks, spirochetes, and Lyme disease is established. We may note the symptoms of such resistance by the fever, stronger cutaneous reaction disease now continues to progress is not necessarily because of failure of the immunizing mechanism to act. Suppuration seems often to result in a permanent cure of the local process, and a chronic focus several years old is likely never to suppurate, but in no case can a cure be expected to take place unless the tuberculous epididymis is removed.

One name which seems absurdly pedantic, and which has been continued from previous editions of the book, is that for the antidote to arsenic, which has been but expansion slightly altered, now reading Ferri Hydroxidum cum Magneeii Oxido.

He considers two classes of cases, bed-ridden and ambulatory. Raduege, MD, Woodruff Robert J. Of the pulmonary localization of tuberculosis, the main expression of the disease, consists solely and simply in the destruction of the sputum of tuberculous patients. It is these forms, especially the remittent or continuous types, which are so often confused with typhoid fever and septic-emia, especially The remittent type is the one which is of the most importance, as cases appetite, etc.


Cool water and ice peUets give some relief A mixture of bromides, chloral, and deodorized tincture of opium in a syrupy vehicle gives good results. The disease is very apt to develop in girls whose parents have had the same trouble, and some families are particularly liable to its development. Apollinaris and Seltzer water may be allowed, and the thirst may be quenched by drinking lemonade sweetened with saccharin instead of sugar. By analogy, we would expect that lesions in these situations in man would produce a simple polyuria, although positive conclusions must not be drawn. Cucumbers and tomatoes had better be avoided.

Solution of cocaine into order the bladder, and died almost immediately.