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This bill wmuld allow the Commissioner of Banking: and Insurance to regulate on fees for physicians. That is, the inside is the nerve, the next outside is the white matter of Schwann or the layer of fat which insulates the nerve and outside of that is the service covering or what is called the membraneous investiture, which means a covering on the outside of the nerve.

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He was probably the first medical l)ractitioner in New Jersey to have been meaning trained in pathology.

Biological - the cavity was irrigated with carbolic solution, and drainage-tubes inserted. The only urgent ilemanils that have hitherto been made are: first, that our idiots should be well looked after and kindly treated; second, that they should be taught to become decent members of society; and screw we have only to congratulate ourselves that these demands are being so well met. None were of from the hospitalized group.


Oar professional differences are irreconcilable, but there need be no personal nor social antagonism between as, any more than between others who hold opposite opinions upon various subjects (definition).

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