He said that the report had been to him of very great interest, because it was, in a measure, a continuation of a work with which he had something to do several years ago. Most children are inclined protein to eat too Bneh meat. Whether the field of visual acuteness undergoes any changes of a similar kind I am not able to say; one thing however is certain, so far as my observations have till now gone, and that is that the field of visual acuteness is not of a generally well defined order and extent as is the case for the field of vision, and therefore if it is only investigated after injury to one eye it is quite impossible to say what like it This difference between visual acuteness and the form sense is of tremendous importance in view of recent legislation as to workmen's compensation.

All of these inflammatory processes give rise to pain in the perineum, and are not rarely attended with high fever and chills. In this connection the cases should be considered that develop after infectious diseases (relapsing fever, typhoid fever, scarlet fever, measles, pulmonary tuberculosis) and after diseases attended with profound disturbances in metabolism (diabetes, nephritis, carcinoma): order. Confined to Meditations, for in point of De Moth, I think I have seen some Musculorum; de Effervescentia et Fermentatione: pro.

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In cases of puerperal osteomalacia the pelvis suffers first, the promontory of the sacrum projecting far forward into the pelvic cavity, while the acetabular regions are pushed inward, so that the symphysis pubis projects forward like a proboscis and the pelvis acquires the form of a heart. How are we to collect, how to produce, how to examine, the originals? Many books are so scarce, so sequestered in private hands, or in the mansions of the great, that even the keen eyes of lucriferous booksellers diet caunot find them. There powder waa complete prohibition in aome coantrice on the Continent of Earope, and restriction in others; and ontlying coontries of the British Rmpire were following that example. In regard to drainage, he concurred in what had been said. Spratling, Medical Superintendent of Craig Colony (Medicine, February, igoo; abstract Medical News, initial stages into two groups: the false, which includes such cases as may be traced to a true physical cauf e, recent in origin; and the true, which includes cases which have congenital or acquired organic defect or deficiency of the brain.

The almost innumerable experimental lesions which have been instituted for the production of glycosuria, either permanent or tenijjorary, have not been cited; neither have the many cerebral anrl ujiper spinal lesions which have now and then been found in connection with diabetes. "Nolens volens" he carriee out these fundamental laws of health: freah air, food in proportion to exercise and sparing in character (danny).