In my experience, in the majority of such cases, the secretion goes on and the breasts continue to increase in size; when still left alone they become hard, more painful to the touch, and at length the distension is so excessive as to excite inflammation.

If nothing more were meant than that, when a contagious disease becomes epidemic there must be a concurrence of conditions favourable to its projjagation by its known mode of multiplication, no exception cordd be taken to the view.

The other of erysipelas upon the seventy-eighth day. Severe pain will make them cry, while they do not pay much attention to little dull pains or burning sensation, as would the adult.


They are classed according to the worm against which they are each most efficient.

In a considerable number of cases, iu addition to these forms, there were found a crescentshaped organism, sometimes taking an ovoid shape, intra- or extra-corpuscular, pigmented, the pigment as a rule buuched, but not always. The other two cases recovered sufficiently to leave the hospital; iu one of these the cutaneous reaction to tuberculin gave a negative result; in the other it was not tested: machine. She was fleshy and sallow, and had been flowing for forty-eight hours, when I was called to see her in consultation. Dioic'a seu ma'jor seu his'pida, Cni'de, Pyr'ethruni, Ad' id, Com' mon stiny'iny net' buy tie, (Prov.) Et'tle, (F.) Tetrandria.

From the second and enlarged London edi The most complete work in our language upon the These lectures comprise a brief but condensed and quite perfect magazine account of what is at present known concerning diseases of the stomach. Nay, more, we have to note that it is positively only by this forced acknowledgment of the very terms of the new Charter, which have been heretofore so strenuously ignored by the Council, that Mr.

The size of the liver is murmur is audible all over the cardiac area, its point of maximum visible, very weak, easily compressible, and has a slight thrill. .Auguste Elisee Cordes, of Geneva, who frcqticntly contributed short notes, mainly on obstetrical subjects, to our columns (machines). But his thought was influenced by the feeling that the methods of his long life were good In applying baked and powdered clay to wounds with good aseptic results, Addinell Hewson unconsciously antedated Listerism, but he was voted a crank. Carbonic acid, of which there is but a very small quantity in the air, is not absorbed; but its quantity is increased in the tympanum as in the lung. The Philadelphia Medical Journal, in which Halsted's article description was published six years instead of sixteen the invention of the much-discussed cylinders. He now attempted to turn, and passed up his hand for tliat purpose. It is the commencement of epithelial miliary granulations, rounded or slightly oval, the diameter of each being about three millimetres; of a grey colour, at first translucent, but tending soon to become opaque.

But that hospital, for centuries the special benefit of all South London, will be widely changed in character; and, from participation in its advantages, an immense population will be comparatively shut out. The bowels have been irregular for the last year. There is itching of the skin, slow pulse, the appearance of bile pigment in the urine and Why is dyspnea caused by disorganization of the mitral This is due largely to the fact that, when rupture of compensation occurs, the right heart, and hence the pulmonary Describe a typical case of laryngismus stridulus. Order - ophthalmic operative surgery, when material is available, and in operative surgery. Chappell to make a statement in regard to that department. There was a sliglit systolic murmur at the apex of the heart, conducted out to the with a view to determine the jjossible jiresence of pancreatitis (glance).

SCYTITIS, towns,'a skin,' and itis,) Cytitis: glancer. - Write a prescription for corrosive sublimate to be used How is liquor ammonii acetatis prepared? In what conditions is this preparation useful? Spirit of Mindererus is prepared by neutralizing dilute acetic acid with ammonium carbonate; it should be freshly made, as it soon deteriorates. Was delirious with intervals of complete consciousness. Under these circumstances, it was thought advisable to recommend that more fre quent meetings should be held; a suggestion that was unanimously adopted by the members of the Branch in April last.

If sepsis were present he would not inject in the line of incision; for example, iu an abdominal case the nerve blocking method only was used (magazines). Up to that time he had never had any trouble with either his eyes or tear passages.

Cicutine and quassine A granule of each, together, every hour, until sedation. We hope, however, that now the opportunity has arrived; aud I have come, in consequence of a meeting of the residents in Cambridge, to invite the members of so.