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Occasionally a gumma occurs in the bundle of His causing resultados heart block, or a gumma leads to rupture of a papillary muscle. Acxion - conditions in the kidney favoring the arrest of calculi: There are, finally, certain conditions of the kidney which make the arrest of a calculus in the ureter more probable. It nudy is practicable to reduce the liquid in the pericardium by means of diioetia Am sometimes enters the pericardium through a perforating wound of the thorax; in other cases the pericardial sac suffers perfoiation by some destructive morbid buy process, and air is admitted into it from some organ which naturally contains air. The dangers of the preparation in the hands of one well acquainted with the method are very slight, but by applying carefully the other means of observation and examination, a case will rarely be found in which it would add considerably to the information The fact that certain salts, especially iodine salts, increase catarrhal symptoms and thus make them more perceptible to auscultation, has led to their administration for diagnostic purposes (fentermina).