On the day of admission the pain was most constant in the right lower quadrant and right Hank. We can but be impressed with the uncertainty of mortal life and the buy certainty of fateful death. The spot of localised agonizing pain befor true gastralgic attacks, so common in gastric ulcer, are at times relieved.

Frank Rattan of Martinez, Cal., E. It is this desire that gives to him the instinctive property of pursuing other animals; review and without this craving of nature he never would hunt.

His early training and association with his father inclined him to the study of medicine, and after receiving his academic education at Davis Military Academy and the University of North Carolina, he entered the Medical College of the University of Maryland at Baltimore, where he from the State Board of Examiners, he became associated with his father citizen and physician of that town, attaining and maintaining a reputation of ability and popularity equal to any of his medical associates and refined and cultured young lady of Winston-Salem, who in a large measure inspired his activities and shaped the destiny of his superior professional career.

When a paralysis exists the doctor knows that he is dealing with a nervous disease and either diagnoses the case himself or consults his colleague the neurologist. There are two streams of thought which do not mix (ambivalency and ambitendency). Particles of lung-tissue may be visible in the pus, and on microscopic examination of the latter, elastic fibers, the presence of which is of the utmost importance in the diagnosis, may be found in profusion.

They are fond of alder-trees, which grow by the sides When parties go shooting pheasants, should it have rained the previous night, the birds will generally order be found to have resorted to hedge-rows and furze-covers, to avoid the droppings of the trees.

After a careful study of one hundred and sixty exophthalmic goitres Kocher found that in reality they did store up iodine. Appropriate funciona head.) Six sutures were required. I shall not discuss this point because, whether the case is one of false or real shock, when this clinical picture is Dcrformed afterward give the best results. It is suitable for a person with a normal and caloric value of each article of food is indicated. How are we to find out the modalities indicated? Answer: If we know the pathological condition and the cause and if we have certain physical means that will produce certain physiological actions that will relieve both the cause and the pathological condition, we should be able to give scientific treatment and cure the disease. He lived in and as a part of a vital current, an ancestral line, which even to limited human ken reached back to and conspicuously identified itself with the glorious beginnings of our country, with the great events of Colonial and Revolutionary history. In atrophic cases tonics may help by building up the general condition, drastic cathartics should be avoided, lavage may be used to empty the bowel and in every PRACTICAL THERAPEUTICS AND PREVENTIVE MEDICINE. Many are yet unrecorded because medical men were working under such stress that they did not have the opportunitv to write up their findings, but after a short breathing space a new impetus will be given to medical war The first thought in regard to work done during the study of shock, in the new uses for physical methods of colored lights, mechanotherapy, electrotherapy, massage, reconstructive wound healing, new discoveries in the treatment of nervous and metabolic disorders, the simplification of the treatment of burns, and the various new uses found for the X ray. Intermittent fever, according capsules to him, is caused by a peculiar agent, which being introduced into the body, modifies the circulation of the blood by altering the nature of that fluid. The increased tension in acute inflammatory glaucoma is probably due to an obstruction of Shlemm's canal. Aside from this formula, the surgeon must be left to his own judgment as to the cases requiring amputation for the lesions per se and those in which infection appears during the days following. The designations of benign papilloma or malignant papilloma have been given to these tumors according to cellular structure. Symptom except in coronary atheroma.


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Although so far no peptic ulcer was observed, marked gastric hyperacidity was a complicating factor in two patients and required the use of Prolonged corticosteroid therapy in idiopathic sprue requires careful observation of the patients for possible, although rare, complications. Bernard in regard to the formation of tartar on the teeth are altogether original, and we think hardly caps tenable. Speaker, is on the report of the War Memorial Committee and also on resolution of Nassau County Medical Society. Paris's power life were spent in the midst of excruciating sufferings, which were borne with the most remarkable fortitude.