The shoulders are then replaced and the manoeuvre repeated.

The office building will be constructed upon completion of a nurses building and eight-story addition to the hospital, the total building program to be housed in the new nurses building will be named The Hotel Dieu Hospital, El Paso, medical staff of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Kansas, Kansas City, Kan., addressed students at Baylor University College of Medicine early in December: review.


There is a rope twisted round it, and the malicious devals are straining and tugging at it, and faith, I could almost think that I sometimes hear them shouting and cheering each other to their task, and when thev are at it I nhvays have the little turret and its tormentors before my eye.s." It is pathetic to realize that, less than a century ago, the later years of one of the world's greatest geniuses were tormented by a malady that modern surgery would easily and safely relieve (order).

The nucleus consists of a large lular embryo, entirely filling the shell, Folded so that the radicle lies at the bai b ol one ol the i otj ledons, both of which are folded around it. But even in the obstetric clinic, cases occasionally occur in which the only proper treatment consists in perforation of the living child, at least for those physicians whose practice it is. At this last observation which was made he was in fairly good general health with much less hip pain. The outdoor mile is sufficiently severe for schoolboys and it should be limited to the strongest and most mature students; but, at least, it is run in the open air and on a wide It is certainly time to supervise school athletics more closely. An accessory head is sometimes seen. The lymphatics of the neck are enlarged, with those of other parts of the body, in leukaemia and Hodgkin's disease, and care should be taken not to confound scrofulous glands with enlarged glands in these diseases. Fui'therinore, it lias been the custom in the last few years to give every patient a fuller dietary from the start, and I can find no increase in frequency of relapses, but do find an actual decrease in the duration of the disease, both as to the febrile state and the total length of stay in the hospital.

Goethe calls this standard an" abstract and Have we not, then, drifted into the unscientific position of recording facts in such a way as to involve an opinion f If so, is it not reasonable, unless we are dealing with obvious and undoubted degeneracy, to record deviations as deviations? If it is necessary to characterize their possessor, why not call him slightly, moderately or extremely deviate, or, if it seems appropriate, a deviate? And if occasion requires the use of a single word to include all varieties, is not deviation more appropriate than degeneration? Even suppose it can be proved that every deviation means degeneration, will anything have been lost by following a logical plan in establishing We are not limited to the word insanity in BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL describing borderland dwellers, or the eccentric individuals on the safe side of the border (though it is true that the alternatives have not always been freely used in analyzing genius).

Offsets may be sent to the second, third, and fourth toes, and sometimes to the fifth. There are those cases in which the disease is superficial and spreading over a large surface and those where ulcers are multiple and on prominent portions of the face or closely grouped together so as to necessitate the extirpation of a large piece of skin.

Gemelli, or vastus externus must les. General Hawley, after his appointment to this office, promptly sought the aid of organized medicine in the solution of the problem of a high type of medical care for hurakan veterans. She took this faithfully for awhile, but it did no good. It describes the method of treatment of ophthalmia neonatorum, points out the dangers of midwives, discusses the adequate care of eyesight of school-children, industrial accidents and wood alcohol, and follows each.subject with suggestions for the proper regulation and supervision of these dangers on the There is held during August in Tobyhanna, Penn., a military camp for the training of United States medical ofificers of the organized militia and doctors of the United States army course buy lasts seven days for each class and there"The chief duty of the medical department in campaign is to relieve the fighting forces from the burden of caring for the sick and wounded at the front.

Labs - he admitted drinking a pint of whisky every two days for years. In the majority of laundries it has been found that the clean clothes are manipulated in the same rooms with soiled ones, and often in close proximity, and the same table is used in places for receiving and delivery.

Examination revealed increased redness of the conjunctiva, and the blood-vessels were enlarged and tortuous. 'WTien the concentration of fibrinogen was decreased, the coagulum was not dense enough and liquefaction often It was found that excellent growth took place in a medium composed The character of the growth of the old strain of connective tissue in the medium was not difi'erent from that observed in plasma. On her left she began some weeks before to have attacks of colic with vomiting and later, signs of uraemia.

They regarded the piles ms a safety-valve, and believed that the frequent ulceration and rupture, followed by a flow of blood, relieved the congestion of the vital organs. As a blood purifier, it is unsurpassed. A broncho- or lobar pneumonia occurred in which: (a) tlie lung expanded and pushed the diaphragm down, (b) dullness resulting therefrom masked any signs referable to Third. This instrument, as you know, is called the cystoscope.

Mills' plan of campaign for the suppression of tuberculosis goes to the root of the matter by removing all conditions which cause its spread and inspiring hope in sanitary measures that as it is now; today it has been reduced one-half'' There is no other state in the union, in which records have been kept, where the reduction of the death rate from tuberculosis has been as"Furthermore, no other country in the world has done such effective work and accomplished so much in decreasing the number of deaths has the Commonwealth of Massachusetts." In the further suppression of this disease the work of district nurses, public health nurses and social workers under the supervision of both state and local health authorities is strongly recommended in connection with the establishment and maintenance of tuberculosis hospitals About two years ago, at the suggestion of the reader, a special committee of state health officers, acting under his supervision, in vestigated the prevalence of typhoid fever Reports, that the typhoid mortality rate showing for this country, as compared with the rate for certain cities of northern Europe, was far from flattering.

Upper lateral cartilage hurakant cut free from septal cartilage.