The new library was more extensive and complete in its various journals than was the old Bobbs Library, and the books were more DR. Umbilical hernia is one of tlie most difficult that we have to deal with and usually occurs in fieshy people. Impetigo is not communicable; it commences as pustules; lesions are deep and pustules elevated and rounded: general health is good. Ectopic ACTH-producing tumors are very rare, especially in children, and the signs and symptoms of Cushing Syndrome are often mild, presumably because most have malignant disease and the duration is short. Gosman, put to vote and carried. The other so-called routine elections were for president and president-elect, secretary and treasurer of this District Ryan, Columbus, was elected secretary and treasurer. A mistake in using a tube too small, in such The pneumonia ran the usual course, the a case drainage is not free and a small tube crisis occurring on the eighth day, and it is much more liable to become plugged with seemed that he was going to make an unfibrin. He is very popular with his pupils, and the institution" By the way," I interrupted, as a means of changing the subject, for William Boniface Smith, who had strolled up, was beginning to tell some of his characteristic stories to Reddington and Sadler, and they looked uncomfortable (order). If allergic reaction occurs, discontinue drug.

The wound was cleaned and its edges brought together with several sutures, a cold compress applied, and cochia pill ordered, to be repeated every four hours if necessary.

To do this more clearly I will venture very briefly to state the received theories as to the innervation of the intestines.

Grows rapidly both at sleep ordinary temperature and Toxicogenic properties. Philip Coombs Knapp, of that city, from the records of the City Hospital, and the Massachusetts General Hospital, respectively (buy).


Many of the others are just as resistant to the decolorizing power of nitric, sulphuric, or acetic acid, or alcohol, as the most typical tubercle bacillus. P., zzz Adherent, abnormal adherence of the placenta to the uterine wall after childbirth. The editors may go on arguing that they are enabled to propagate religion with the resources of quackery; and the quacks can show that the so-called religious press is the best field for their operations, the place where they can put their money so as to do the most good. Raleigh Lingeman is now professor! and chairman of Otolaryngology,! Alan Fischer has become a full-! time director of the Family Practice that Dr. Into support the mouth, it increases the flow of saliva, and is used as a masticatory in dry conditions of the mouth, in relaxed states of the throat, and in aphonia; also in headache and facial neuralgia. It was formerly circulation will be stimulated sufliciently difficult to regulate the flow, but a device has recently been suggested which obviates been used in a given disease.

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Wo months life after the operation from inadequate drainage, two rom shock, and operation was declined by the surgeon in one on-operated case on account of the poor condition of the localized necrosis of the pancreas resulting in abscess. Notwithstanding that many successful cases of dilatation with or without crushing have been reported, a high authority in this country expresses himself strongly against this operation. MacLeod, South Bend obstetrician and gynecologist, represented the medical profession on a panel of experts who fielded questions from brides-to-be at a recent Bridal Fair held in the Athletic and Convocation Center at the University of Notre Dame. -polled, having a red poll, or of the cerebral substance characterized by a red, Chromidrosis and Micrococcus side hiematodes, under Bacteria, Synonymatic Table of.