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The blood, robbed by the ether of its oxygen, impoverished by the solution by the same agent of myriads of corpuscles, of those especially with which it comes into immediate contact, depreciated as a consequence in the quantity and deteriorated in the quality of its fibrin, intensely blackened by the solution of its corpuscles and their contained haBmatoglobulin, is chemically deprived, to a considerable extent, of its powers of coagulation, and rendered unfit for the satış purposes of life. Tf on a long tramp the feet become tenThe apj)lication of water to the body, if der, then, when you sit down to rest, renecessary in cix'ilized life, is key far more so in move the shoes and wipe the feet with a camp-life, where the body has an added damp cloth, taking good care to remove accumulation of extraneous matter. One thing that led me to believe it was rabies was the inflamed condition of the map lymphatic glands.

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