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When we now approach the problem of treatment, we are beset with problems relative complaints to the steroid needed and the dosage. Many readers, however, would prefer a larger use of statistics, even if they would Professors and Lecturers in the Leading Medical Colleges of the United States, Germany, Austria, France, Great Britain, and Canada. He was a past-president and former secretarytreasurer of the Stark County Medical Society; also active on a number of committees of the local Society (reviews). Later on the intervals may be made longer, according to the gravity or complexity of the disease and also according to the degree of As the term"hypnotic" suggestion is applied to that caused during artificial or induced sleep, the author proposes the expression"somnic" suggestion where for that caused during normal sleep. In this case two attacks had occurred, and upon examination two or three physicians had decided that there was some disease of the right uterine appendage.


Kraus gave considerable amounts of fatty food to patients suffering from complaints likely to be met with at Carlsbad, treating them at the same time with fair daily doses of Carlsbad (Miihlbrunnen) water, and he found that the percentage of the ingested fat which could be recovered again in the feces of these patients was not unduly increased by the use of the mineral water. For example, in one of our more notorious cases, we prosecuted two Indiana physicians for their activities in the promotion and distribution of a worthless remedy for diabetes: uk. Because you have thus abandoned the broader field, and have restricted your research to the narrow limits of a fixed and unchangeable creed, we cannot accord to you full recognition as broad and progressive members of a liberal profession. She complained occasionally of thirst, which was relieved by ice. The ligature should be round and small, or the coats will not be divided; inclusion, of cellular tissue or a nerve will also prevent this Secondary hemorrhage may result from the application of an improper ligature, or its premature removal, and also from the artery being too much exposed, or in a diseased condition. At Guy's Hospital formic aldehyde or formalin is looked upon almost as a specific in the treatment of ringworm. The bloodletting may be assisted by an opiate enema, by the administration of tartar emetic in nauseating doses, or by the application of belladonna ointment to the cervix. A many-tailed bandage is cut as wide as these splints and with tails of a suitable length to Diagram showing cversion and eversion overcome by drawing heel outward with adhesive strip, which is represented by the dotted line. The tumor had gone down two-thirds, she was apparently well, and, unwilling to detain her longer in town, she was allowed to go home too soon. An explorer was introduced and a stricture found thirteen inches from the anus, througli whicli a rtexil)le bougie, one quarter of an inch in diameter, could just be made to pass after a tedious The case was now a plain one as far as the diagnosis was concerned, and for its proper treatment there was only lacking an etficient dilating apparatus. Complexion brilliant.'" Reference has already been made to the curious fact that when a cow produces twins, one male aud the other female, the female, which is called a free-martin, is sterile and presents an imperfect development of the internal organs of generation. The abnormal )irts?ence of sugar in the blood is expressed by the term glucohmjnia. A curved needle, armed with a ligature, is the best means of securing the vessel, when deeply concealed in the intercostal groove. Walsh, that the subject to record the death, at the age of seventy-two, of Dr. The plane of the inferior strait may also be described in the same way, viz. There is prob.ibly no test so good as the results of amputations, especially of the larger limbs, for fractures and the like, and it is on these that the friends of the Lister treatment lay great stress.

Animal inoculation may be undertaken, but this requires several weeks to reach a buy definite subject with the following conclusions: i. The disastrous effects resulting from the longcontinued use of one kind of food, are to be attributed not so much to the quality or quantity, as to the absence of variety in the aliment Aliments have been variously classified; Prout divides them into the following groups. He was dermagevity active in high school athletic work, the YMCA and the Red Cross.

And is inserted into the perineal centre.

Thirty-five laparotomies for ruptured tubal pregnancy, two deaths Destroy germs in typhoid stools by sublimate. Drainage to through gauze brought out the wound was liberal for a few days. The mean temperature check in the consecutive weekly rises of temperature to take place; but after this in the ordinary or average progress of events the steady rise towards the summer temperature may be expected to set in, and with it there is at least a hope that the epidemic will begin to fade." A glance at the figures given in Table II will show how well founded the writer's anticipations were with regard to the fading of the epidemic; from this time the mortality remained for several weeks tolerably stationary. That there are other remedies which might well supplant ergot, even in these conditions, I have no doubt. Johnson thinks that the milk diet will lie made use of by surgeons who are contemplating lithotomy or lithotrity, so as to lessen, as much as possible, the inflammation and catarrh resulting from the mechanical irritation of facts: Early in Dctober of last year an epidemic of contracti(m suddenly broke out in a school for little girls, situated in the rather damp and unhealthy village of Gentilly.

The instrument is introduced into the urethra in the same way as an ingredients ordinary sound, and when it is brought into position, by turning the screw gently, the branches are opened and dilatation begins.