The convulsive signs contiimed to increase in feeble, cyanosis became intense, and at the end of about twenty minutes, despite every care, the patient died.

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There are several other matters dealt with in this report which are of much interest. Nevertheless r he is able to talk about his bodily ailments with great composure, and now apparently with accuracy; almost the whole preceding statement, confirmed, however, lived in his own house in another town, and was' attended by a medical gentleman there; he has come here to place himself under my care, and resides' combination, with and without aloes, as in other cases, but as he says he is not constipated, possibly the former will be only occasionally required.

Then I was pretty sure of the diagnosis, and to test it still further I applied a fitting stimulus, such as City Hospital Ambulance?" Then the patient at once After reading a story like that it is very hard for us to avoid the impression that the woman reviews was simply shamming. We can, with a degree of accuracy scarcely possible in any other department of therapeutics, watch the battle between the drug and the disease, and note the nature of the victory. Harley was of this opinion, but he bottle now very justly concludes that it is due to another cause.

Ketchum, Dublin; Our Paris SCALE OF CHARGES FOR ADVERTISEMENTS IN THE An average line coataina seven words. The patient was a woman, twenty-nine years old, apparently perfectly healthy but ten very nervous.


It would be an excellent thing if, after a ship's commission was out, they would encourage their medical officers to study when they returned home by giving them a few months' full pay in order that they might go to some home or foreign schocl of medicine to revive their scientific knowledge, or to attend some of those post-graduate courses which were to be found in almost every sohool of medicine.

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