Nine hundred serial sections of the gestation-sac were made and 2016 stained with Ehrlich's hematoxylin and eosin, and a careful microscopic study was made. While the discovery of the bacterial origin of puerperal infection was of incalculable importance, and the name of Semmelweiss deserves to be placed in the catalogue of the world's greatest benefactors, there is no doubt that the zeal for reform has often been carried too far, as ingredients in the preliminary douching and vaginal scrubbing in normal cases, and the routine use of daily post-partum douches, which, in hospital cases especially, have done a great deal of harm. For - the patient was eighteen months old. On the following day the pains increased in violence and duration, and upon examination the membranes were found to be tense and advancing results slowly. By this time the nurse came to my aid and the sick man allowed us to extra turn him about and persuade him back to bed.

My own experience has been only that of a general practitioner, covering twenty-two years of urban "pills" and rural practice, and with no special effort to get venereal cases. The skin of the face and the whole body presented a uniform redness, resembling that of scarlet fever, and composed strength of many small confluent patches.

Excellent clinic and hospital facilities: drink. Grenville Dowell's brochure is an"arsenal of facts." The conditions found are so variable, in patients cut off by the disease and who have had the same symptoms, buy that no fixed reliance can be placed upon them. No fulness or tenderness was rx8 detected on examining the abdomen, and some purgative medicines were prescribed.

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When everybody had drunk in honor of the boy, and again of the mother, and again of the mix father, and again of the grandparents, the neighbor women took their departure, after promising to come in on the morrow or any time they were sent for and do anything more that was needed; though in what particular way they had been useful thus far was not apparent to me. The patient was the shake conmiander of a coast steamer.