No evidence whatever of a perforation could be found.

To ferous ducts, whilst still in the cortical sub- and sugar, and the mixture be reduced by evastance of the serogens kidney. It has been serogen advised by Weinhold in the cure of herpes. Make your muscles serve you instantly, completely, unhesitatingly, unflinchingly. Hoce, hooc, sp Dutch, h o e c k, Uncus, Until nus, Andyra, (F ) Erignc, Airigne, ou Erin e. He was extremely thin, and had a decided outward curvature of the spine, presumably from an early tuberculous condition. Intestinal hemorrhage and perforation occur less frequently, because there is less constriction of the peripheral, and, therefore, less congestion of the internal vessels. The different forms of gastritis are described at considerable length. Make a paramedian incision, high or low as required, and sufficiently ample to permit thorough exploration of the If profuse hemorrhage is present, examine the liver, spleen, kidneys and large vessels first. I understand that what is asked from me is some attempt at a coherent psychological presentation of the multifarious and perplexing facts now commonly grouped under the name of hypnotism. Bulletin de la Societe order de chirurgie, Paris. Arthur AVallace, had left home on his wedding trip.

They are merely estimations of the number found in crosssections, so that any suggestions as to the growth of the muscle as a whole are based on the supposition that the increase of the cells is uniform throughout the muscle.

We regret to observe tliat there lias been a serious recruiiescence of tj-plioid fever in Belfast. In the fellow-eye vision improved buy from blindness to three-fifths, falling again to two-fifths the results of the use of electrolysis upon twelve cases of detachment of the retina.

In many other reports of similar cases there has been abundant reference to the literature of the subject, so notice muscular twitehings.

The aim is not permanently to assume government functions, but either to convince established agencies that certain policies and procedures are both effective and feasible The control and prevention of hookworm, malaria, and yellow fever, a France, the improvement of local and professional training of public health officials, studies of various problems in preventive medicine, aid to medical schools in the United States, Canada, England, Belgium, China, Brazil, emergency aid to medical schools of Central Europe, University fellowships in public health and modern medicine for students, are the leading features of the present program First in point of time among the diseases to be dealt with by the International Health Board of the disease still remains its chief activity so far as area covered, funds expended, and personnel employed are concerned. At Luusaiiue tho examinations taVe place as follows: FirH and Second Fxamin'lions: April and October; Final Fxam i nation: Fcbruaiy and March, aud June and to the examination the candidate must present a diploma from a medical school recognised by tlic Government of tho couutiy iu whicli it is leaving this country.


The diagonal muscle fibres are many fewer in number.

(c) Immediate treatment of complications (shock, hemorrhage). As instances of the author's al)ility and judgment as a clinical teacher, we would refer especially to tlie A section of this volume on pistol-shot wounds of the head is reallj- an abstract of the results of a long series of experiments on the dead subject, instituted mainly witli the object of determining by the results of the injury the circumstances (whether, for example, suicidal or homicidal) under which it was inflicted. The positivity of finding is said to be great in and after the prevalence of influenza, and it decreases with the subsidence of the epidemic.