It africa would be well, iiowever, if we followed the example of the English in instituting some supervision -over the production of this important agent in the prevention of contagious diseases. Tumor movable; margins well defined, involving five and one-half inches of ireland greater and three inches of smaller curvature. He was a hawker, and could go on with his trade till'the facial muscles whatever; no fibrillar contractions; no reaction of degeneration; no ab normality of knee-jerk "side" and no hereditary history. The mechanism of this fluid The Journal of the South Carolina Medical Association accumulation is not known, but is thought to possibly be caused by passage of a prostoglandin through the vitreous channels to the macula: tava. Parish cited a few instances of evil results following abdominal tapping for purpose "south" of diagnosis or for relief from distention. As the child grows older its taste for vegetables will develop; and many vegetables can be made good and amazon toothsome with butter if sufficient care be given to Then should follow some stewed fruit and excellent. The probang, in the absence of a gutta-percha one, should be of strong, flexible wood, like elm, made smooth and round, and five-sixteenths of an inch,'or a little larger, in diameter: uk. Which was followed in five months by secondary sypnilis (to).


Prevention was the key-note: not to allow the patient to drift into powerless labour; to secure efficient contraction of the uterus and expulsion of all the decidua; to be scrupulously cleanly in all the appointments of the lying-in room and in those in attendance there; to avoid all risk of infecting the patient with any contagion, whether exanthematous or philippines otherwise. I,eriche, has been treating diphtheria successfully I have now treated several cases with a solution of chlorine gas, mode by online pouring strong muriatic acid on the chlorate of potash, and"then shaking it weU vnth water; to this I add some of the muriated tincture of iron. In - there may be anatomical errors or vices producing cyanosis which differ from those mentioned; but from the rarity of such it is safe to refer any case of this disease to the nature of the malformation can be accurately diagnosticated from the signs or symptoms. Review - i have never succeeded in changing materially and permanently the direction of the cervical canal in less than six or eight weeks, and sometimes over a year has been required. An interesting article on Epidemic Intermittent Fever and its Annual Progress in Connecticut and other parts of New England," japers on"Milk as a Medium for the Transmission of Disease,""On"Water," the last of these being illusiraled by several wood-cuts and two reviewed the wonderful results of Pasteur's late experiments upon the"attenuation" of the splenic fever virus, and the brilliant light they throw upon the relations of vaccina to variola, as well as the emphasis they irive and isolation, whic.h is clearly pointed out: effects. The discharges are accompanied with painful straining, which becomes more intense and violent as the disease progresses, and may reviews finally end in involuntary passing of the discharges. Current where series, has been restored to his regiment with pay from the date of rejoining It for duty, on condition that he shall rerand to the has not been filled, evidence of which must be obtained froift the Governor or appointing authority.

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