Dacryocystitis is so common a disease that every medical man knows its pathology and etiology and yet, in actual practice, these cases are often overlooked until too late to avoid the catastrophe which overtook the cases I am about to report (uses). Leclerc on the treatment of tuberculous adenopathies with cacodylate of soda, brings forth a new contribution to the therapeutics of the cacodylate (amazon).

If inflammatory action be apprehended, a free use of hot or cold applications to the price part will be attended with benefit; in cases where the pain is not excessive, cold water wull be found preferable to hot.

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Staphylococcus pyogenes albus, litaphylococcus cereiis albiis, and a minute bacillus staining by Gram's method and curdling milk: himalaya.

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If the leucocytes are compared with those present in the meninges in those cases in which diplococci are still demonstrable in the leucocytes in the brain, a certain number, sometimes relatively many, of the leucocytes in the nose contain Gram-negative diplococci 10 resembling in all external features the former micro-organisms. The hindi simultaneous appearance, however, of mucus and processes of decomposition are decisive as regards an organic disease of the intestinal wall itself. The same applies to the ammonia, "side" phosphates and sulphates. That the activating property of such heated sera is due to lecithin can be further established by means use of chloride of calcium, as the next table shows.

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If there is a suppurating wound or dosage abscess after they have been opened and curetted, should be applied thoroughly to the abscess cavity and for a small space around its edges, and as soon as the latter turns white, the alcohol is applied to the out side. Experiments have been made to determine the effect of an elastic mattress covering over the tanks, but this has not seemed to be of any value (review).

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