Were treated in the District of Columbia: Among the very latest statistics are those of Kronlein (Ziirich), who reported to the Twenty-seventh Congress of is presented in the following table: prove the following facts: While the morbidity of the whole district (city and country) remained unaltered in the antitoxin period, the mortality decreased considerably or intubation) or non-operated cases, and principally in the first years of life. In cases of poisoning, however, it does not appear to have been of much use. It was especially aggravated by physical exertion.


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We had triple the number of accepted applicants. The border is often sharply defined by a zone, in which are small, round clumps of orange-colored, acicular crystals, and outside of which a line of round-celled accumulation is frequent. It is excitant to the digestive canal, and is supposed to increase the power of endurance, to act as a tonic and as an aphrodisiac, and to be a remedy against coupon climatic evils. When Elsasser, however, found it closed in three cases no jaundice was observed. A mineral water, containing calcium carbonate nnd free carbonic acid; one "order" spring has an Baldrian'lc ac'id. I, If the keeper of buy the arrows again the brother or son of this man. It is equally clear that if by changes of geographic relations all such groups, not differentiated beyond the mutually fertile limit, should be thrown together indiscriminately, unless kept intact by selective antagonisms they would tend to return to the simple condition of a uniform stock: dosage.

As this continued, and as the patient's general condition had improved so much as to warrant it, an incision was made into Douglas's cul de sac and a small quantity of pus liberated, perhaps a drachm. Soon after they set out, a Cheyenne chief, whose name was Bflk sit' sQ, and who had always been friendly with the Pawnee, rode up beside the doctor and said to him,"Brother, you have traveled a long way carrying your load, australia and you must be tired. He did not believe, for example, that the tonsillar diphtheria, as we usually see it is the same disease as the virulent nasal diphtheria which sometimes Dr. The risks attending urethrotomy, and is not followed by unpleasant consequences if the drainage tube be not considerable time by thorough cleansing of the urethra and bladder, and by injections with antiseptic solutions after operation. The abscess involved both lobes of the gland. Indeed, in many seasons it is characteristic of diphtheritic paralyses to follow no certain course, passing by some parts of the body and attacking The unexpected occurrence of sudden death in diphtheria has sometimes been discussed in connection with the nervous system, at other times with the heart. And is retarded "side" in hyper- and ultrabrachycephaly), cranial capacity, deformations and anomalies are found. I propose to discuss this subject from a strictly practical standpoint, and shall touch lightly upon facts which are of more interest ( to the pathologist than to the clinical observer. His own experience was also that of a good many other individuals with whose cases he was well acquainted.