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Side - it can, I believe, be taken as a fact, proved by the study of numerous cases in all stages of development, that in every instance of arteriosclerosis, the process is not confined to the blood vessels alone, but that the organs and tissues participate in the form of interstitial inflammation or proliferation, ultimately leading to circumscribed or diffuse fibrosis. He thought it probable that the members of counter this commission were working with an old strain of the Bacillus typhosus which had become modified by long artificial propagation. It will appear six times solution each year, and will be a pure index of medical literature, similar to the Index Mediats. The combination of an amyotrophic paralysis, the picture of progressive muscular atrophy of the AranDuchenne type, price with retention of tactile and loss of thermic and painful sensation, is probably pathognomonic of the disease. It is commonly at known as cruor or the cunaiit jelly clot. Their axis-cylinder processes run in the white matter of the brain through the internal capsule and the cerebral peduncles into the jjons: ©.