May be transformed into one another buy during hereditary transmission, may lie severally conveyed to different children of the same parents, or may coexist, or follow one another in the same patient. Even during the last few years opinion has l)ecome increasinsly favourable to the abdominal route, and, when necessary, to"" abdominal total castration." At the same time, the use of clamps has diminished, the technique of abdominal hysterectomy being now much simplified by the more surgical proceeding of isolated ligatures round the ovarian An important point which is now settled is that a radical operation, abdominal or vaginal, should not be undertaken except in a few rare special cases during the acute state of disease, where the micnjbes are fully virulent; in every case an effort should bo made to ascertain the bacteriological charactei- of the case, and the operation, wlien possible, should be postponed until tlie virulence of the microbe has been lost or diminished. Customer - they arc the seal of peculiar thickenings and ulcerations in ileocolitis, as also in typhoid fever. In general, however, congestion does not altogether arrest but only interrupts the heart's action. The iirst day's proceedings in the Grand Committee on Tuesday last do not, however, augur well for its progress. The following is n list of the degrees conferred: the most distinguished gi-aduate in medicine of the year.

In a period varying from two to"five days appetite was restored, so that" forced feeding"' became possible. From thisopacityof the cells the to whole organ presents a cloudy, opaque appearand ion. One case of hipjoint amputation following a severe injury was related, the patient recovering.

These may belong to the higher orders of rational agents; for there is not the smallest reason for supposing that we are the highest, or that the scale of creation stops with us.

It might be suggested that the Ormsby supply-tube, which is placed laterally on the face-piece, be added to the Parkinson inhaler, but the difficulty with this is, that in most positions of the patient's head, the ether, in order to reach the sponge has to work its way against gravity, and is very apt to flow into the patient's mouth. Dentistry will, for the future, be taught in the surgical department of such medical faculties as possess the necessary equipment for the purpose. Some act only when applied locally, while others act only when taken internally. As the history of the case is intended to embrace the symptomatology of myxcedema, I shall call attention only to those symptoms which were not observed in the present instance, but which have been reported as being present with more or less frequency in other cases, and to those which were noted and which hitherto either have not been described, or have been mentioned as of infrequent occurrence.


Sir Grainger Stewart, Professors Chiene and.'Argyll Robertson, Sir Henry Littlejohn, and many others must have been almost exhausted before the evening was finished with the amount of hand shaking that they had to go through. A contract was made with the Engle Sanitary Company of Des Moines and New York, for two garbage cremators to burn one hundred tons of sewerage sludge, garbage, and stable refuse. In short, it is hoped to make the Board of Health a centre of information to which any mother or prospective mother cream may appeal. Corrosive chloride of mercury, mercuric chloride, corrosive sublimate, bichloride of mercury. Improvement ensues rapidly; after second application ulcers lose their virulence, proven by inability to inoculate its secretions. In the centre of the glass tin aperture is pierced, through which the breathing-faucet penetrates far enough into the cabinet to allow a soft rubber breathing-tube to be slipped on (where). In the chronic excitive form the patient is restless in mind and body, and with a variable disposition; he has a fur on his tongue, and a pulse quicker than natural, and is generally watchful at night; he has in fact all the symptoms of common excitement, and this frequently continues for a long time without being followed by collapse.

Antoine de Genersch, a Hungarian physician, describes some experiences of his in antiseptic irrigation of the whole digestive tube. Crozier used often to write letters to reviews the Spectator, and they were characteristic of the man. In haemorrhage from the abdominal wound tin- viscera within the abdominal cavity, or from the abdominal wall ilsell lb" also, the blood maj be either pure or mixed with faecal matter and intestinal fluids. The method of technique has been so often described that it is sufficient to state that the operation was done cleanly and the method of Morisani used.

Danger to the ureters during supra-vaginal hysterectomy could be avoided by Stimson's method of exposing these. Tt must always be remembered that the introduction of any fluid excites mucous secretion which inspissates the fluid and gives' rise to foam bubbles, more or less large, and these add greatly to the difficulties of From tliece points of view it is possible that the case might have been succcs'-fully trcrited. It is reported that the X-ray was used, but "eye" not with satisfactory results.

Peters took casts of the heads of several THE MEDICAL PROFESSION AND CONTRACT CoiiK MioiiKAL I!kni:fit Association. Some remarks on the clinical features of urinary infection. And this same authority affirms that wisdom is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be entreated, full of mercy and good fruits, and without hypocrisy.