Symes Professor Hackel of Jena, the celebrated Darwinist, has reached Egypt on his way home from India, where he has been making scientific observations for the last year or more. (Spiced Dissolve the potassium carbonate in the tincture, filter if necessary, and add Syrup of Rhubarb and Potassium, Dissolve the potassium carbonate in the syrup, and add the solution to the This is only about half the strength of the regular Eclectic preparation in its essential ingredients. If the case proceeds to a fatal termination the face becomes covered with cold sweat, the surface begins to cool, the pulse becomes weak and irregular, the expired air is cold. Experiment shows that the true explanation is much simpler than this.

These striking results are due no less to the vigilance of the medical practitioners of Cheltenham than to the hearty co-operation of the health-officers of the town, and of the neighbouring local boards.

They are found in the lungs, kidney, spleen, liver, brain, and retina; indeed, there is no part in which haemorrhages may not occur. The blood is generally more lluid than natural, and acid in reaction. M'e spoke much of morpha?a, but for some time, because I asserted tlint I had seen six cases, I could not convince him that we meant review the s.une malady, for morphcea was, he alleged, so rare that" no physician liad seen more than one example of it." Since then I have no special departments at our hospitals and the multiplication of societies gards the connection between morphcea and the nervous system. In this way the authors would explain some of the different results obtained by various observers in different countries; and they hold most strongly that all observations on similar organisms should be collated and studied iu view of such possibility: enhancement. Then drain the precipitate on a.

In some cases inflammatory changes have been found, and naay in such instances have been the cause of the ruptures. The effect surpassed his expectation, the result being uniformly successful, and the sweating being suppressed from the first. Some of the very finest bark ever brought from the Cordilleras of the Andes has this year appeared on the London market, showing that these lively South American Republics are not indifferent to the commercial advantages they possess order in their matchless Amazon and its numerous navigable tributaries. And the number of cases coming under this head is very much larger than that of all other cases put together. When He arrived aft indifferent health. (The term"lymphoid," however, is a bad one, as it naturally suggests lymphoid tissue, from which marrow differs widely both in the cells present and, especially, in the vascular arrangements.) This pale pink marrow fills not only the spaces in the small bones, but also replaces the fatty marrow in the shafts of the long bones, and occasionally causes considerable absorption of the bone. Furthermore, Her Highness is making in memoi-y of Iier beloved son Prince Syed Iskandar Ali xynafilms Mirza, the Sultan Sahib of Murshedabad, who died last jear. The annual dinner of the Pharmaceutical pills Society of Great number of members, and the Society, as is customary, seized the opportunity to entertain a numerous body of distinguished guests. Thofe perfons who have been early inftrucTcd in vocal mufic, and who ufe their vocal organs moderately through life, are ftl Join affected by an watchmen, all of whom exercife their lungs either by long or loud fpeaking, are lefs affected by this diforder, than perfons of other occupations. But repair of the perinsBum will do more toward the cure of the case than anything else that could be done. A very striking illustrative example was under my care not long ago in University Hospital.

Her brother was playing football, when I I a kick some time. It will be more convenient and practical, however, in the first instance, to point out the circumstances under which this affection occurs, and afterwards to try to ascertain what is reaUy It has been customary, from an etiological point of view, to divide cases of acute pericarditis into primary or idiopathic, and secondary.


This is the view which has been adopted with some reserve by the Royal Commission on Tuberculosis (buy). The patient is, therefore, not aware of the necessity for coughing. There were some white patches in the capsule of the right kidney. The male thin transparent section was then covered, after placing balsam solution on it to render it transparent. What then is the rule with regard to the matter of relative rank of the Medical Staff in the regular army? We answer the question by giving the reply of Dr. Poisonous substances (acetone, sugar, etc.), which, when accumulated in sufficient quantities, give rise to dangerous and fatal symptoms; but he admits that these products might be present in quantities too great for even healthy kidneys to excrete them. Por further information on this subject, the reader is referred to Dr. If in aortic disease, even at this later age, the lesion be syphilitic, as in a case now under my occasional observation, the prospects are much better; by careful treatment even ten years may be added to the sum of days. Spirit of ether is used, so is also compound spirit of ether tinted with saffron, and also this mixture: Solution of iron chlorid fl.oz.