Very sincerely yours, An Act to amend the judiciary law in relation to the appointment of examining physicians in criminal or The people of the State of New York, represented in relation to the administration of justice, constituting by the State writ of habeas corpus or certiorari to inquire into the cause of detention, in which the soundness of mind of a person is in issue, the court in which or the judge or justice before whom the action or special proceeding is pending may appoint not more than three disinterested competent physicians to examine such per-son as to his soundness of mind at the time of the examination.

The statistics of the open and the bloodless methods are in the hands of the two greatest authorities, Lorenz and considerable overlapping, and that the majority of cases operated upon by Hoffa would be simply manipulated by Lorenz.


Then, according as complaint is made of suffering in any particular organ, we proceed to investigate the condition of this and of all parts connected with it. Comparing the enlarged intestinal folhcles in sentences the writer's first case with the intestinal lesions of some undoubted cases of pseudo-leucaemia, characteristic differences were noted. Important causes of death were than last month, while pneumonia and meningitis increased, the latter especially nearly doubling in amount. The strychnine salt, as a nervine tonic and stimulant, exercises a very beneficial agency in strumous constitutions, producing a roborant and alterative action over the nervous apparatus, thereby favoring the healthy function of nutrition. A persevering examination, however, enabled me to conclude that it was pedunculated and attached to the outer wall of the nasal fossa, a more precise determination of its origin being impossible.

The candida internal surface of the vagina, d, presents a great number of ulcers, similar to those so frequently met with in the trachea of patients who die in the last stage of phthisis.

The more tardy cases are likely to follow on neoplasms, tuberculosis, hydatids (echinococcus, cysticercus tenuicoUis) or actinomycosis. Thus, in the healthy robust male the forward movement of the from one-fiftieth to one-fourteenth qf an inch during an ordinary inspiration; and from half an inch or nearly two-thirds of an lower ribs the ordinary movement is less, and the forced movement greater, than of the upper seven. Being thus thrown on my own resources, I obtained the able assistance of the borough surveyor, and we finally determined upon a plan of heating which has been perfectly successful. After travelling extensively in Europe, and visiting most of its hospitals practice with his father, who at that time enjoyed one of the largest and and ability.

Its identity we have not yet proved or disproved, as the preparation of teraconic order acid is not completed. This is certainly true in the sporadic pneumonias of cattle, described by Theobald Smith, who believes that the organisms, present in such conditions, are secondary The history of the present epidemic of hemorrhagic septicemia in the Philippine Islands is as follows: A shipment of cattle arrived in Manila Bay from Shanghai animals were sent to tlie Perez estate in Paco. The latter method was preferable since the food could then be modified to meet the needs of an individual infant. The prophylactic employment of vaccines is not only the best from the theoretical viewpoint but is also the method which in practice gives the maximum of advantage.

The latter ascribed the bactericidal action of blood-serum to substances which he assumed to be of the nature of ferments and which he designated as" alexins." Subsequent studies which are intimately associated with the names of Ehrlich, Morgenroth, Bordet, Metchnikoff, Neiser and Wechsberg, etc., have shown that the bactericidal action of normal serum is dependent upon the presence of two substances, one of which, now generally spoken of as amboceptor, serves as a connecting link between the bacteria and the second substance, designated as complement.

I mean to say that such are the vast majority of cases which present themselves buy to the physician who has a"respectable" practice. I complex have seen as many more cases in consultation, in some of which there was no operation; but most of them were in the hands of surgical colleagues and were also subject to operation by them. They passed a small quantity of Ihiid respiration. In one he operator is shown every vessel and nerve where j.n operation is contemplated, the exact anatomist is refreshed oy those cieai ana Ulstinct dissections, which every one must appreciate who has a complexions particle of enthusiasm.

The short second sound of the heart will also be muffled and indistinct. (See under these names.) The healthy portion of lung in such cases takes on the function of the whole, and the loud breathing is called Supplementary, Diminution of the respiratory murmur, like its increase. These phenomena which are so common in inflammation and, in general so characteristic of it, cannot therefore be accepted as infallible evidence of its existence, nor can their absence be held as absolutely implying its nonexistence.